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Sarah Torbet


Sarah & Gary sing ” Something Stupid”

Join Sarah every Thursday at 12.00 through till 3.00pm when Sara will keep you informed into what’s happening and what’s on both sides of the Clyde. She will also keep an eye on the traffic and weather again both sides of the Clyde.

If she has missed anything you can always Text her in the Dunoon On Air Studio 0775 123 6995 she would love to hear from you and don’t forget to give a name so she can give you a shout out.

If you would like to visit Sarah in the studio and have a wee chat  or have something you think the rest of the Community needs to hear about and would like to appear on Sarah’s Programme send her a wee message in the comment box at the bottom of this page and she will contact you using the e-mail address you use

  What’s happening in Sarah’s world (nothing escapes Sarah but dare she mention it on the radio, only if you want her to). Lots of good chat and today Sarah will be talking full advantage during  the Chronicles to continue the saga of her life adventures.


This is the CD that got Sarah so excited today, from the end of the UK rave scene this the second album from the Prodigy went straight in at Number one in the nations Pop Charts.

Featuring the now defunct Pop Will Eat Itself and the breakbeat tech-house of “No Good (Start the Dance)”. One of the few dance acts to retain underground credibility and huge mainstream popularity.

 Music For The Jilted Generation shows The Prodigy at their best. Any modern music collection would seem barren without its presence and listener Charlie’s Gift to Sarah to replace the cassette she was given by her first boyfriend over  decade ago

Sarah will also be taking a further look at the world of the “NOW” music CDs which nearly every cd collection must include at least one. Covering every genre of music from Christmas, Classics , Opera , Country and of course the famouse “HITS NOW” series .

hits now





  1. sarah says:

    Was told to stop swanning about and get back to DCR to get some chronicles done… as you can see I am very very busy in this pic
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