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Azure Halo



Azure Halo are a six piece Indie/Psychedelic band hailing from Glasgow, Scotland turned up in Dunoon on Sunday 14th August to
play at Jamie’s Coast Coffee Pop Up Cafe to close the Revival weekends entertainment. Like something from Height Ashbury, the band playing under a Gazebo next to the Pier in the street. The band are influenced by the 60′s psychedelic scene of West Coast America, maybe we are starting a West Coast Scene of Scotland. The links to the American Garage Scene don’t stop there. The band do a cover of The Electric Prunes Train For Tomorrow and The Electric Prunes reciprocated with their last single released “Left in The Blue” which was written by Azure Halo’s singer Rik. The sun was out and the band finely tuned after a hectic weekend of playing various venues across Scotland, they played a short but sweet set incorporating a few covers and some of their own tunes. The band sealed it for me when they ended their set with a blistering version of Count Five’s Psychotic Reaction. A great bunch of guy’s and gal, we managed to get the band to come down to the studio and do an interview for us, telling what they have been up to and what they are planning to do. In the bands own words they lay Seal Gate to rest and the band can now move onwards and upwards.

azure gazebo
Incorporated into the interview I will be playing tracks from Kula Shaker, Ghost Wave, The Electric Prunes, Chocolate Watchband, Night Beats, The U.F.O. Club, The Seeds, The Shadows Of Night, The Black Angels, The Spyrals, The Chemistry Set and All Them Witches.

azure halo cd



Neil Sturgeon Plays With Fire.

Neil Sturgeon in the DCR Studio

Glasgow musician Neil Sturgeon came in

to the DCR studio on Cowal Games Friday to treat us to an acoustic set of new and old material. As part of The Anything Goes way of life there was no set plan, just go with the flow and flow it did. Neil’s been working  hard as a musician over the past decade as he has now gone on a solo path leaving the Mod influenced band The Goldenhour, two albums in the bag, Beyond The Beyond and Always In The Now, a few tracks from these albums have featured on Anything Goes.   Now with Neil’s eagerly anticipated debut album Geography & Luck coming out soon, he has been doing the rounds this summer with gig’s in Amsterdam, Glasgow South   Side Festival, Edinburgh College of  Art and Whistle Binkies, Glasgow West End Festival and culminating in Glasgow’s Merchant’s Festival. Neil’s new work has mostly been produced at home, whitest some has been produced by Raymond McGinley of Teenage  Fanclub notoriety at The Buzzwagon Studios.

Neil with Luke

With the DCR studio not knowing what to expect Neil kicked off with Bedhopper   and straight away a cool atmosphere was set, people milling in the background came to the fore to see what was going on, numerous messages started to come in from listener’s to find out who was playing and a new following was born without the first set being finished. Pick  track from the first set would have to be Likely Lads Theme/Ride The Tide, the later being  his last single. Finishing up with I Wish I’d Never, you just could not help but tap your feet  to these tunes. With a short break between set’s Neil chose two tracks from his influence’s  and not a bad choice either The Byrd’s – Just A Season and The Charlatans – Try Again  Today. So moving into the second set of the evening Neil now warmed up, treated us to a   blistering  paced set with an excellent Who medley and an alternative version of Always In The Now smoothly  incorporating The Rolling Stones – Play With Fire, which seemed as  though the two had always been part of the same song. With time catching up on us Neil ended the show with The Outdoor Type and just left us wanting more, judging by the response the listener’s wanted more.

Set 1

  1. Bedhopper
  2. She Talks In Whispers/Let The Sunshine In
  3. Likely Lads Theme/Ride The Tide
  4. Wild Mountain Thyme
  5. I Wish I’d Never

Set 2

1.   NY Reflection Song
2.   I Can See For Miles/Substitute/Kids Are Alright/Pictures Of Lily
3.   Always In The Now/Play With Fire
4.   The Outdoor Type

Neil Sturgeon and the Infomaniacs

Record Store Day came into being in 2007 when over 700 independent stores in the USA came together to celebrate their unique culture. The UK followed suit and 2012 will see the fourth celebration of the UK’s unique independent sector. This is the one day that all of the independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music. Special vinyl and CD releases and various promotional products are made exclusively for the day and hundreds of artists across the globe make special appearances and performances. Festivities include performances, meet & greets with artists, DJ’s, in store quizzes and many other events.

Record Store Day Saturday  21st April This is the one day that all of the independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music. Special vinyl and CD releases and various promotional products are made exclusively for the day and hundreds of artists across the globe make special appearances and performances. Festivities include performances, meet & greets with artists, DJ’s, in store quizzes and many other events. Let your favourite presenter know your favourite track that you think is better on vinyl –You can learn a lot more about RSD and who where your nearest participating stores are by going to the Web Site

Here are some of the Stores within easy travelling distance who are participating in Record Store Day including Rhythmic in the Greenock  Oak Mall.


2 Hamilton Gate
Greenock Renfreshire PA15 1JW

Phone: 01475 892 736

Love Music

34 Dundas Street
Glasgow Lanarkshire G1 2AQ
Phone: 0141 332 2099

Thats Entertainment

217 Argyle Street
Glasgow G2 8DL


35 Howard Street
Glasgow GL1 4BA

Monorail Music

12 Kings Court King Street
Glasgow Lanarkshire G1 5RB






As reported here on DCR by DJ Luke on Tuesday Primal Scream are to appear here in Dunoon at the Queens Hall on Saturday 16th June

Celebrating 30 years in the business this year, Bobby Gillespie and co. kick off their Summer with three Scottish shows in preparation for their dates at the Isle Of Wight Festival, the Hop Farm Music Festival and their support slot at the Stone Roses reunion show.

Bobby Gillespie and Co have come a long way together, from the ambient indie-rock sound of the Mercury Prize winning ‘Screamadelica’ to something far darker and more experimental with later albums ‘Exterminator’ and ‘Beautiful Future’. Forever movin’ on up, the band commemorated its 20th anniversary in 2010, performing the seminal ‘Screamadelica’ album live in its entirety.




  1. Anything Goes Featuring The Rolling Stones On Air

    In the vaults of the Corporation are many hours of recorded sessions that supposedly do not exist, until now we have only been able to read about them. The legendary performances, those tracks covered that you never knew a band performed. The Rolling Stones On Air is the latest from the Corporations archive of sessions that we have been told do not exist. On Air is an album I have been waiting for. A band in it’s beginnings at 100% creativity and insperation. On Air covers The Rolling Stones early period from 1963 to 1965. The time period would suggest that there is more sessions available. The album has sessions from some of the cutting edge shows of the early 60′s. Sessions come from Top Gear, Saturday Club, Blues In Rhythm and The Joe Loss Pop Show. What I like about this album are the tracks, covers or tracks you never knew The Stones did and some you wouldn’t associate with The Stones. Did Keith Richards create the Psych sound inadvertenly with The Stones doing a cover of Mona in 1964 which is one of my pick tracks from this album. Interesting to see The Stones cover Everybody Needs Somebody To Love and Roll Over Beethoven. The band even through in a Beatles cover, I Wanna Be Your Man. The Rolling Stones are one of the greatest bands ever and this is an insight into how they were, you can pick up the double bass on some of the tracks, I’m pretty sure that some of the founding members are recorded here.
    So on tonight’s show as I’m featuring The Stones from the early sixties I’ll need to play tracks from that period. So I’ll be playing tracks from Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Bo Diddley, Elvis Presley, The Animals, Them, The High Numbers, The Kinks and more

    Tune in after 22:00 on 97.4FM or Dunoon Community Radio

  2. Anything Goes Featuring White Room

    This weeks show features Brighton based band White Room who recently released their latest e.p Cable – Built Dreamland, the bands bio states “ Inside you’ll find a serrated blend of sky-gaze psychedelia and raucous distortion” the bands sound is not psychedelic or shoegazing. The bands sound is Britpop with a bit of Bowie about it although it does have a 60′s feel about it with the melodies such Procol Harum, the sound seems influenced by the likes of Britpop bands Pulp, Suede, blur and Supergrass. The band has a great sound of its own and have supported Paul Weller who has been championing them. The band are currently touring although I don’t see Glasgow on the list, no doubt we will see this band north of the boarder as they have the quality of the bands from the Britpop era.

    So on the weeks show we’ll be having an all British affair with tracks from Arctic Monkeys, The Libertines, Liam and Noel, The Seahorses, Pulp, Blur, Suede, The Music, The Serpent Power, The Sundowners and more.

    Tune in after 22:00 on 97.4FM or Dunoon Community Radio

    The Only Real Alternative

  3. Anything Goes Featuring Blues Pills Lady In Gold Live In Paris

    This week we are featuring Blues Pills latest album Lady In Gold Live In Paris, also on tonight show I will be playing tracks from King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Radio Moscow, Screaming Trees, Buffalo Killers, Goldray, The Serpent Power and more.

    Tune in after 22:00 on 97.4FM or Dunoon Community Radio

    The Only Real Alternative

  4. Anything Goes Featuring The Who Live At The Royal Albert Hall 2017

    Possibly one of the greatest rock bands ever, even the best rock band ever, just celebrated 50 Years in the business, toured Who’s 50 a couple of years ago, having seen The Who Live In Leeds as part of that tour, this was the first time I thought this is the last time I will see The Who, Rodger’s vocals were not all that and the toll of 50 years in the business was starting to show, the music however was transforming in to this super set of well honed songs and a mash up of Tommy and Quadrophina with this modroscope back drop of iconic images through out the years, maybe the influences on The Who’s music. Last year The Who announced a new tour, acoustic Tommy. One of the most iconic albums of the 1960′s, a strange album, on the outside a musical Guru and a weird holiday camp, on the inside a dark deprived private journey of a 23 year Pete Townshend. Earlier this year The Who toured Tommy in part and a themed sort of set list. Tommy and Quadrophina condensed into a mini mini opera. Having seen them at the Glasgow gig Rodgers vocals were amazing, I’ve not seen him sing as good as this for a long time. Rodger had a throat infection of some sort and needed an operation, operation success. The Royal Albert Hall gig was part of The Teenage Cancer Trust concerts involving a lot of bands and musicians. So The Who announce they will play acoustic Tommy in it’s entirety, not so, full on electric version with just the band and no special guests. The Who released Tommy At The Royal Albert Hall earlier last month and what an album it is, the band are on fire, Pete Townsend is always trying to improve tracks, make them sound fresh. This is as near to perfection as you can get, the sound is perfect, Rodger’s vocals are killer. This is pretty much how I imagined Tommy to sound. Listening to this I don’t hear two 70 plus cockney geezer’s, I see perm haired, tassel jacket, mic swirling Rodger Daltry and boiler suit, windmilling Pete Townhsend. The set is made up of elements from Woodstock and Leeds, giving it a lovely warm sound, this live album is defiantly up there with their great stuff. This is Maximum R’n'B.

    Tune in after 22:00 on 97.4FM or Dunoon Community Radio

    The Only Real Alternative

  5. Anything Goes Featuring Buffalo Killers Alive And Well In Ohio

    Buffalo Killers are back with their 8th album Alive And Well In Ohio. The Ohio 4 piece give us 12 tracks of psychedelia, stoner-rock with influences from all decades of American guitar music, Captain Beefheart and The Charlatans (US) meets grunge with guitar riffs hinting at Spirit and Steppenworlf.

    Also on tonight’s show I’ll be playing tracks from Flowers Must Die, Galaxie 500, The Smiths, Liam Gallagher, Dreamtime and The Asteroid Belt

    Tune in after 22:00 on 97.4FM or Dunoon Community Radio

    The Only Real Alternative

  6. Anything Goes Featuring Dreamtime

    This is prog which sounds like Hawkwind, Goat and Pink Floyd. A Brisbane 4 piece formed 6 years ago and takes it’s influence from psychedelic bands circa 1968 to 1971. The band currently have 2 albums an EP and a single. Australia is not really known for producing bands, at the moment the Australian Underground Scene is very healthy as this is not the first Australian band to feature on my show in the last 18 months. Dreamtime have played at the Austin Psych Fest, toured America and supported some of the top acts on the Austin Scene at the moment, bands like Kadavar, Blues Pills, Earth, A Place To Bury Strangers, Radio Moscow, Moon Duo and Black Mountain. The band have also played played in Japan as part of the Tokyo Psych Fest in 2014 and Sydney Psych Fest. Now we are just waiting for them to come to the UK. I get the feeling just by listening to the album that the band would put on some show. Members of the band are Zac Anderson, Cat Maddin, Tara Wardrop and Fergus Smith.

    LIVE REVIEW – September 2013
    “The next act to perform was mystical Brisbane trio Dreamtime, who were, for me, the highlight of Psych Fest. I missed the beginning of their set, but I returned to the dance-floor amidst smoke, trippy light projections and flashes of sporadic strobe lights. The music that was infesting my cochlear was powerful and emotive and the smoke and strobe assisted in completely immersing the audience in their classic psychedelic tracks that call back to bands like Ash Ra Tempel and 13th Floor Elevators, blended with a space-rock kind of sound. On stage, engulfed in smoke, each of the members displayed complete mastery of their instrument and wielded it to create sonic mayhem that still managed to be grounded. There were snarling riffs and heavy, intense jams, followed by meditative sonic adventures. Their jams were experimental and extensive, but they were never self-indulgent. It was clear that the members were very much into what they were playing, but also aware of the audience. Dreamtime gave an incredibly visceral performance and I recommend anyone who is given the opportunity to jump on the chance to see them.”

    By Scarlet Benson from Sydney Psych Fest show

    Also on my show I will be playing tracks from 93MillionMilesFromTheSun, Spacemen 3, Dead Horse One, rev rev rev, The Dunes, Pink Floyd, Hawkwind and Goat.

    Tune in after 22:00 on 97.4FM or Dunoon Community Radio

    The Only Real Alternative

  7. Anything Goes Featuring Liam Gallagher

    As you were! Liam’s back, this time on his own with his debut album. The expectation and the hype are over and the result is not bad. A 12 track album or 15 track if you have the deluxe version, a mixed bag of rock n roll numbers and ballads, the album only in the first few days of release is outselling the Top 20 combined, maybe that’s a sign of the state of the British music industry rather than the quality of the album, Liam’s picked some good musicians for his tour and album, Touring band members. Liam Gallagher – lead vocals. Jay Mehler – lead guitar. Drew McConnell – bass, backing vocals. Mike Moore – rhythm guitar.Dan McDougall- drums. Christian Madden – keyboards. Liam said he wanted to make a rock n roll album and he has here, feels like The Stones, Beatles, Lennon and The Who.

    I’ll be playing tracks from The Charlatans, The Verve, Ocean Colour Scene, Radio Moscow, Flowers Must Die and The Stone Roses

    Tune in after 22:00 on 97.4FM or Dunoon Community Radio

    The Only Real Alternative

  8. Anything Goes Featuring Flowers Must Die

    This weeks show sees us featuring Swedish Flowers Must Die, this is another one of those feature’s where you haven’t really got an idea of what to do. Playing music, reading music blogs. Checking out bands on youtube, liking what you hear then you play Flowers Must Die- Hit. This is a dance tune, freak out, this is a band where Loop, Can and Ozric Tentacles have collided together, super psychedelic electronic tracks fused with space-rock, fuzz and dance beats.
    Also on tonight’s show I’ll be playing tracks from Ex Eye, 93MillionMilesFromTheSun, Dead Horse One, Black Lip, Radio Moscow and more.

    Tune in after 22:00 on 97.4FM or Dunoon Community Radio

    The Only Real Alternative

  9. It seems like Shoegazing is becoming the thing of 2017. 2016 was the year of Psychedelia and Garage. The Austin Scene in full effect and with any scene once they make it’s into the public domain it takes on a different direction, one thing I noticed with The Austin Scene, American psych bands producing Shoegazing albums like Holy Waves last offering Freaks Of Nature. Shoegazing is one of music’s genres that I thought would be a one time thing and back in the day wasn’t a massive thing, the few bands that made it became big acts like Ride and Swervedriver, both from Oxford, the latter being the only band of the genre to make it in America at the time of their Mezcal Head album. In recent years The Austin Psych Scene has had British act’s like Slowdive, Loop and Jesus And The Mary Chain play at their festival. Over recent weeks I have feature bands like Dead Horse One, rev rev rev and Dead Vibrations all from Europe and not a sign of a British band in the current scene until I stumble upon 32MillionMilesFromTheSun, one and interesting name that catches my attention and 2 The Lonely Sea & The Sky a title that fits the bands second album. The band come from Doncaster, not really a hot bed of music but part of Yorkshire, Yorkshire folk love their music and when band lists Ride, Swervedriver, Jesus & The Mary Chain, Spacemen 3, Loop and Joy Division as their influences, you know your going to get some decent music. Something that has been sadly lacking in the British music scene for the last couple of decades. The band formed in 2009 and released their first album in 2015 a mammoth 15 track debut album with two tracks clocking in at 10 minutes and then earlier this year the bands second album was released in relative obscurity and to a muted fanfare, I don’t know anyone that has heard of the band, I haven’t seen any press coverage or heard them played on any media outlet. This is a band well worth checking out, I would file them between Ride and the first album of The Verve with a hint of experimental Charlatans from the period when they produced some great b-side with The Chemical Brothers. This band proves that the British Music Industry is in a sorry state when you have musicians as talented as these and they are not being championed. Well, you’ve heard them now.
    Also on tonight’s show I will be playing tracks from Dead Horse One, Spacemen 3, rev rev rev, Las Cobras, Sundowners, The Vryll Society, The Verve, Ride and more as well as “It Was 50 Years Ago Today” with tracks from The Doors and Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band.

    Tune in after 22:00 on 97.4FM or Dunoon Community Radio

    The Only Real Alternative

  10. Anything Goes Featuring Radio Moscow Live In California

    This weeks Featured Artist sees a return for Radio Moscow, we currently waiting for the 5th release from the San Diego 3 Piece heavy rock outfit. The new album will be released on the 29th September. Around this time the band released their live album Live In California. So, some back tracking for me here. I never got round to checking out this album. You know how it is, too much music and not enough time. The last time I featured Radio Moscow was a while ago, at the time I likened the guitarist to the style of Hendrix and few others. This is a band I would have liked to have seen in the UK. I say liked to have seen as they have already been and toured, sharing the stage with blues legend TS McPhee’s Groundhogs. For some reason some American labels don’t promote their music very well in the UK. This live album is electrifying, defiantly lots of Hendrix and a bit of Toni Iomi and some British Blues like TS McPhee and Alvin Lee. If you like rock and blues this is a band to go and see. Before It Burns turns into one of those blues tracks with Hendrix effects in full throttle. The sound seems to be more British Blues influenced than American Rock Influenced, although I detect I a bit of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden about them. A great live album that will have you reaching for your Air Guitar.

    Seeing as tonight’s feature is a live heavy rock blues thing I thought I would go heavy tonight and pull together some of the heavy guitar sounds. On tonight’s show I’ll be playing tracks from Assembled Head In Sunburst Sound, Groundhogs, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, All Them Witches, The Ivory Elephant, Jimi Hendrix, Arctic Monkeys and More. This weeks “It Was 50 Years Ago Today “ is John Mayall and Eric Burdon & The Aniamls.

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