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    After what seemed like a long long time the Gates had opened at 5.00pm, Wet Wet Wet frontman Marti Pellow a sparkling saltire mike in hand and his famous smile nodded to the capacity crowd and sang Don’t Want To Forgive Me Now.
    As soon as the band hit the first chord and he began to sing any moans about queuing for an hour for a drink at the overburdened bars, or why it was taking so long for the Wet’s to appear, what were all the stage hands doing? checking every single lead on stage, there were thousands of them and what happens if they start late and the curfew kicks in and the Band are silenced- “hush your face this is Glasgow, if that did happen it would be Hot Wired in seconds, you wouldn’t notice doll”.
    The only noise was that of screams of joy as once again The Glasgow Green played host to a very serious Band, Wet Wet Wet.
    Not that the sell out 12,000 fans who had arrived early had been left twiddling their thumbs since 5.00pm with two opening acts and the fabulous Raintown as support there was something to attract your attention and get you in the mood for what was about to happen, first up against the giant curtain that draped the stage was Ally McErlaine from Texas, recognised by many of the Glasgow consignee as he appeared on stage with his two fellow band members for this musical project Shelly Poole ex Alisha’s Attic, and Charity Hair ex The Alice Band together they call themselves Red Sky July who sang tunes from their self named debut album which recently went to number 2 on amazons movers and shakers and number 3 in the country charts with a number 42 in the amazon rock chart? The second opening act was Starsailor front man James Walsh who did an entertaining set as Glasgow Green got impatient.
    Raintown, who describe their sound as contemporary country, have been compared to American country act Lady Antebellumlon. Boyfriend and Girlfriend; Claire McArthur and Paul Bain are from the East End of Glasgow and have recently returned from a very successful wee tour of America and very popular on Dunoon Community Radio with air play from Stewart Fenwick, Hillbilly Bob and Victor. They were obviously delighted to be the support for Wet Wet Wet and with an incredible backing band played all the crowd pleasing tunes from their album Hope In Troubled Times which considering who the majority of the crowd where getting impatient to see was very well received and must of done them a power of good.
    As the crowd showed their appreciation for the opening number the Wet’s wasted no time in getting into the R & B mood with belting covers of Ain’t No Stopping Us Now and Too Many People, then taking his jacket off Marti acknowledged the cheers as the wets went into Angel Eyes. “You’re looking gorgeous” he told the audience, “Glasgow your spoiling us” he shouted as he sang Julia, it was now obvious that this was to be a Greatest Hits set and that was OK with everyone!
    25 Years in the music industry and at least another ten years before in the making for Wet Wet Wet’s Marti Pellow, Graeme Clark, Tom Cunningham, Neil Mitchell and Graeme Duffin and tonight all that showed. “It’s even better than last time and it’s even better when it’s not raining” shouted Marti in between the hits Somewhere Somehow, Wishing I Was Lucky and Sweet Little Mystery which accompanied by pyrotechnics put the band and the audience into top gear where they all stayed. All the hits in this two dozen song extravagance, “maybe we will do it again” teased Marti as every one sang along with “Love Is All Around” and it certainly was tonight on Glasgow Green.

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