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Andy Mac  every Wednesday night from 7.00 pm till 8.00 pm

3.00pm Friday a Alphabet of Music every Friday  from 3.00 pm till 4.00 pm

DSCF1544 (640x478)


Each week at about this time Andy Mac comes into the DCR Studio to rely entirely on the DCR Playback library. Starting from the letter A Andy will play a mix of music as diverse as A- Alice in Chains to Adam Ant,  B-Beastie boys to Beatles , Cast to Chicken shack . If you have a tune in todays letter and would like Andy to look for it TEXT him


Don’t Andy Mac Music every Wednesday night from 7.00 pm till 8.30 pm



  1. Amthe yawah says:

    Wheres andy mac cos am the yaweh!!!!!

  2. amy says:

    hi Andy i love Ur show Ur style is awesome i love some kt perry

  3. Hi everyone can’t get to the studio really, really windy out there -you can still contact me via

  4. FrankieGee says:

    Sorry to see you leaving your slot Andy. I’ll be looking forward to your “new” programme Saturdays.

  5. viv macintosh says:

    I must agree with Chantal. Looking good.

    Enjoy See you soon lol xox

  6. Chantal McKenna says:

    hey big boy, looking good in your pic x see u in college hunny x

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