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The website provides information about which programmes will be on and when, the presenters and any other litle thing we think you may find interesting. Our programmes will cover a wide range of genre and style, at the moment they  include Blues, Scottish Ceilidh, Salsa, Dance and Rock to name but a few. Due to the nature of being a voluntary organisation, shows will come and go and schedules can change at very short notice but we will try and keep you as up to date as possible and hope that you will find something you enjoy. If not why not think about doing your own show and let eveyone else enjoy the music or subject you enjoy.

Here is a wee sample of Jane Basford singing a gaelic song “1000 Curses of Love” sung cappella which was recorded for broadcast during the 2006 Mod

Some of the Programmes we think people would enjoy (some have actually been suggestd by our listeners) and we are hoping someone would like to come and present them. Included in no particular order and not carved in stone are:

Cowal Sport Stadium

As well as the entire main stream sporting events this programme will cover local Orienteering, Shinty, Archery, Swamp Soccer, Bowls and several pub league pursuits. Are you involved in a sport that should be included in our radio coverage? Are you interested in getting involved? Let us know.

Parish Hall

Without the regular bookings for meetings and small events, what could keep the diminishing number of halls going? And who is going to fix the leaking roof? What of the diminishing numbers of groups meeting to use the halls?

Tales of halls and meeting groups and their guests (including SWRI and Senior Citizens’ input and their guests).

Are you involved in a local hall or involved in using a local hall? Have you something interesting or amusing to tell?

Let us know.

Spoken Words

From the past to the present, local Poetry and Songwriting. Each programme with a different theme, lively chat, listeners’ requests and guests. Do you have a favourite poem you would like featured?Would you like a local Poet or songwriter to be featured? Let us know.

All in a Day’s Work

What goes on in the local workplace?Do you really think you know what Dunoon business does? The one who pushes that little bicycle wheel along the road – do you really think it is to test rubber for racing cars? Dunoon has hundreds of businesses utilizing all kinds of skills to get the day’s work done and keep Dunoon ticking – some you know, or think you know.

If you are part of a Dunoon business, or are a business, and are prepared to let the rest of the Community know what it takes to make it work let us know.

The Vinyl Frontier

Do you think every now and then about those vinyl records you’ve got hidden away? Will they be damaged after being hidden away for so long?Can 78s ever get played again? Do you still think the sound of vinyl is superior to CD? Are classical music discs made superior to popular music discs? These and many more questions will be answered as enthusiasts discuss how vinyl fits in today’s modern technology.

Want to take part, have you advice or secrets to share? Let us know

Cowal Garden

Even if yours is just a window box, our garden enthusiasts and their guests will help you get the best out of it.


  1. Early GAELIC Spot Mon,Tues, Wed says:

    Gaidhlig Local chat from our Students in Dunoon Grammar School as they prepare for their adventure to NOVA SCOTIA leaving 27th March.
    The chance to carry out conversations with folk who use the language in their daily lives.. hear their chat here just after 6.30 in the morning

  2. lana k Glasgow says:

    Whatever happened to empress? tuned in at midnight and got classical music

  3. A hundred Thousand Welcomes surely await CELTIC MUSIC RADIO says:

    As they bring their music to the ears of many more listeners through 95 FM today July the First from 12 noon…
    FRLLY is very happy to forgo playing out a recording and to celebrate alongside our sustaining service their attainment of a Frequency Modulation Band

  4. Ben says:

    We really enjoyed Ron Simon tonight (afternoon where you are), Fantastic range and selection of music. Why not on daily instead of once a week? Boo!
    Franz Ferdinand’s new single – hit!

  5. Dr-Phil says:

    Hello again. This is Dr-Phil welcoming you to another ‘Sounds of the South’ on Dunoon Community Radio on 97.4 FM and world-wide on the web; Tuesday night, 10th September from 8:00 – 9:00 UK time.
    This week, I’m away up north and will be playing an earlier popular programme. I’ll be playing the usual wide variety of ‘Sounds of the South,’ including some jazz and what some folks might call rock ‘n; roll, but tonight there’ll be more of a focus on the urban and country blues and old timey music and I’ll begin to showcase some of the great musicians, many of whom have become friends, that I have encountered on my travels across the pond.
    I’m starting the show with a classic from Etta Baker that the Rolling Stones did a pretty good job of some years later. Can you guess what that is? I’ll be playing a unique improvised performance from The Skid Band in Berkeley, California back in the 1950s and another great tune from Tuba Skinny, my band of the year from New Orleans.
    I’ll be demonstrating an amazing comparison between that 1969 rock anthem from the Woodstock Festival by Canned Heat, ‘Going Up The Country,’ and its precursor from way back in 1927. I keep saying, there’s nothing much new about this stuff!
    In showcasing folk I have met in the US, I must start off with my buddy Neil Harpe, who gave me such help and support during the years of researching my biography of Mississippi John Hurt. As well as being a gifted artist and musician, Neil has done an enormous job of researching the history of the Oscar Schmidt Stella guitars and has been personally responsible for restoring a huge number of these wonderful instruments, which were played by many of the early blues, ragtime, hillbilly and old timey musicians. I’ll be playing my favorite side of Neil’s, the old Bo Carter tune, ‘Who’s Been Here.’ I’ll also be playing my favorite side by David Evans and The Last Chance Jug Band, ‘Aunt Caroline Dye Blues’ and ‘Mississippi Heavy Water Blues’ from my good friends Andy and Larkin Cohen.
    In addition I’ll play, some wonderful slide guitar from Oscar Woods, ‘The Lone Wolf,’ in 1936 and the Cedar Creek Sheik with ‘I Believe Somebody’s Been Riding My Mule’ and, if I’ve time, ‘Buy It From The Poultry Man.’ There’ll be outstanding urban piano blues from Leroy Carr, hillbilly blues from Jimmie Rodgers and a great classic from John Lee Hooker. I’ll also throw in an amazing side from Blind Willie and Kate McTell in 1935 for good measure.
    It promises to be a great show. I hope you can join me.
    Dunoon Community Radio 97.4 FM.
    Follow the link:
    and USE THE LINK:


    To allow vital studio maintenance in our quest for constant improvement we shall be joining our friends at CMR in the studio across the River on Sunday afternoon at 4.00pm.
    We shall be joining Sandy for the second half of his Sunday Roast Programme to hear for ourselves how the jump from Toast to Roast has progressed.
    Welcoming back to DCR for this Sunday only, our old friend Ciaran Dorris for the whole of his Sunday Session which includes the popular CMR presenter Gordon Hotchkiss as the guest ‘castaway’.
    We shall also be broadcasting the first half of the lovely Neilston based singer Mary K Burke with her personal mix of music.
    All being well we shall return to our usual Sunday evening programmes at 8.00pm with Rupert’s R & B Show.

  7. Clair to Singing Kim says:

    Kim I hope all these guys you are promoting and giving a moment of fame to with your fine singing voice appreciate all you are doing on there behalf. Brilliant show -love sunday nights with Cuddles with Kim-are we to have a Kim Musical Slot

  8. More from Mr. Jon D. Aussey says:

    During the “60′s” I was in the US Navy and attached to the USS Robert E. Lee SSBN601 submarine. Many hours of upkeep was spent alongside a submarine tender anchored in the the Holy Loch. Scotland is a beautiful place and left me with many great memories of the cordial people and the wonderful town of Dunoon. I got to spend a few hours shopping for that perfect gift for the misses and then grabbing a pint or two before returning to the ship. The wife and I hope to return someday to visit. In the mean time, good luck on your new radio station. Do you plan to stream the audio in the future?

    Let me know if I can help you in any way.

    Jon D. Aussey
    Virginia Beach, VA. USA

    HELLO JON from DCR
    Hello Jon and thank you for contacting DCR to tell us a little of your time in Dunoon, we hope a lot more folk will follow your lead and contact us to share thier memories with us, we know that our very own Kieth Campell who will be presenting a retro look back at the sixties with his programme UNDER THE CAP (see: Programme info) is very interested and taking notes and we hope not to long before you will be able to hear his and more programme here.
    In the meantime Jon to help with an update to whats happening locally here in Dunoon, may we suggest are good friends at: and
    Thanks again for contacting us–will be in touch–DCR Admin

  9. Hello DCR from Mr. Jon D. Aussey says:

    I am one of the submarine riders that used to visit the loch periodally when the US Navy was present. I was attached to the USS Robert E. Lee SSBN601 and enjoyed the transit to and from sea on the Clyde . The Scotish people were very cordial and Holy Loch was a lovely place to visit – even in inclement weather. Many hours were spent visiting the shops in Dunoon and then having a “dram or two” at a local Pub. The local Highland games were great and would like to see the events again. I want to congradulate the town for getting their own public radio outlet to allow the residents to express their opinion and show how much talent they have. The wife and I plan on visiting Dunoon in the near future. We look forward to seeing one of the greatest and most frendily towns along the banks of the river. Good luck on you future endevors.

  10. BWO LATEST RELESE DATE/from Victor says:

    Just to let you know the latest BWO single “Lay Your Love On Me” heard on a radio near you is to be released next monday 28th July.
    This was the second tune BWO had entered to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest and the second time they were given the elbow
    (seems Sweden are as bad as the UK for selecting tunes)
    This is exactly what you want from BWO euro electro disco pop with up beat Abba and madonna mixed in, Burlesque, Guilty Pleasures and Lost Vagueness roll on a Silent Disco and we can call it Heaven

  11. Hello Dunoon Mum/About the Music says:

    Thank you for telling us all about your BWO cd which by the way for £1 was certaintly a bargain.(you do realise you have just made public the best kept secret in Dunoon)
    You were right about the Eurovision music vibe infact track 2 Temple of love was nearly the Swedish entry for Eurovision in 2006. The band themselves are Swedish thier full name “Bodies Without Organs” and say they are the missing link between Abba and Kraftwork, they are massive in Northern Europe and Russia. The band are just starting to get some radio play as you mentioned but thier music is very popular on the Lost Vagueness and Guilty Pleasures Disco scene that is becoming very popular on the fringe of music festivals (a lot of music played that no one admits to listening too) A follow up to Halcyon Days , Fabricator has been released and is more of the same and I can tell you now that DCR will broadcast a programme format that will more than satisfy all fans of this type of music and if your interested we are still looking for a presenter (what would the children think about that) Thanks again for sharing this with us-Victor at DCR

  12. Dunoon Mum, About the Music says:

    I recently bought this CD from a local charity shop for £1 it is called Halcyon Days by a group called BWO . I reconised track 15 Sunshine in the rain which I had heard on the radio.If you like the Eurovision Song Contest you will love this CD i’ts very 70s upbeat electro disco pop the type of music my children pretend they can’t hear but spend a lot of time jumping on their beds too.
    I can’t tell you anything about BWO as the front sleeve was missing but the date on the back cover is 2006 and the label is Shell. A real bouncy feel good CD which I hope the like of Dunoon Radio will play.

  13. DJ Ali-from Skye says:

    I’m waiting for Vinny

  14. Iona from Dunoon says:

    Who is going to be first with LET’S TALK ABOUT THE MUSIC –this could be very interesting, I would like to tell you about some of my favourite music

  15. D J Vinnie Thoms 60s r&b /Soul says:

    Ref:- LETS TALK ABOUT THE MUSIC -I think I see where your going with this, what a good way of finding out about DCR listeners music taste and possibly some future radio programme and lively debate.
    Put my name down for any future programme relating to this.
    I look forward to reading of DCR listeners album choices.
    I don’t think I have a “most” favourite album I do have some I think have something special and they are not just 60s r&b/soul.
    I would like to come back and tell you of some

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