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  1. treasured memories says:

    Treasured memories what a great Cowal Games and with your radio never forgotten well done you radio people

  2. Flower Festival and Quilting Exhibition Photos says:

    Fantastic Photos once again Dunoon Community Radio . To all those who happened to miss The Flower Festival and Quilting Exhibition this is a great showing at the Innellan (Matheson) Church as part of the South Cowal Community Festival 2012.

  3. Kilmun Gala Photos Wanted says:

    Great photos so far but if have any, maybe on your phone why not send us copies and we can add them to these and give you a name check DCR97.4fmAdmin

  4. Fighting for what is right says:

    Really enjoyed reading about your Hospice and the fight to keep it, You all seem like decent folk fighting for what is right -Good luck for the future, Mike

  5. PHOTOS 24th ARGYLL Scouts at DCR says:

    Big Big Thanks to the 24th Argyll Scouts who came to visit us in the Corridor over the last two weeks, it was a pleasure for all the DCR volunteers to meet you and we hope it will not be too long before you will visit us again DCR TEAM

  6. Santa Writes to DCR says:

    Happy birthday yesterday, I have been so busy, it was great being able to speak to you and your listeners. I am looking forward to visiting you all. Be nice to each other and you will get your rewards on Christmas Night, I’ll see you, have a nibble and a sip, but non alcoholic please, Mrs Clause wouldn’t like it. Santa

  7. West Coast Ceilidh Fan Peter says:

    Long May It Last,Here is to the next one. Happy Birthday All
    Ceilidh Peter

  8. Robert & Lucy back home in the USA says:

    Just got around to looking at the Gathering Photos now we are back in the USA . Makes it seem as if it was only yesterday that we spoke to you guys outside your tempory Studio. When you guys said it was going out all over the world you were right, we have spoken to friends in five countries who were tuned in although none heard us but were all enchanted by the programme.
    See you and listen to you all next year
    Robert and Lucy

  9. Emma says:

    Keep coming back to look at the photos, can’t wait till next year Thankyou Emma

  10. jim says:

    the coverage of the Games was excellent I also watched the bands coming down Argyll St. on the web-cam at the foot of the Ferry Brae. Also good pictures on you site of my cousin Sylvester McCoy alias Dr. Who (Kent Smith).
    Jim in Nova Scotia.

  11. Dunoon Hippy says:

    Well done everyone this is so good
    dunoon hippy

  12. The Happy March Past says:

    Never have I seen so many smiling pipe band members as they marched past Chieftain Sylvester McCoy. Inspired choice of Chieftain, Well done that man.

  13. Elaine says:

    Well done everyone at Dunoon Community Radio as the poster said If you can not be there tune in to 97.4fm.
    For all us poor souls who have to work we can now keep up with what is happening and also listen to comments from the competitors from all over the world.Congratulations a brilliant achievement. Elaine

  14. David says:

    I thought through illness I would miss the gathering this year,thanks to your radio broadcast I am more informed than some of my friends who actually went.Wonderful wonderful pictures.
    David Robertson

  15. Keith and Patsy says:

    This is all so professional for a community radio station thats only been on air eight months. Credit to your hand full of volunteers. you have managed to give us over the last three days the feeling of being home again, we will definatly be regular listeners

  16. AVRIL says:

    I think the flower arrangements were very well thought out with a lot of effort going into the festival, well done every body involved. I listen to this radio usually through the day when it comes from the Glasgow studio and the Douglas and Victor evening breakfast show where I heard the announcement for the Flower Festival and the delicious shortbread.It was well worth the visit,thank you. Avril.

  17. Fred Hill says:

    I Love this Festival and try to support it every year where possible. The people involved put so much hard work and effort into this to help increase the church funds. WELL DONE everyone and THANK YOU to Dunoon radio for photographing it this year for all those that were unable to make it!

  18. june says:

    what clever people, they all look beautiful

  19. John says:

    I was told at the High Kirk that photographs of the flower arrangements would be available to view from Sunday on this internet site, and so they are and very good photographs too.
    Congratulation to Dunoon Radio for doing this,Festivals such as this are still an important part of community life, sadly not as important as days gone by but wonderful to see the new modern radio station taking such an interest.
    All that remains is to remember “Who Said That?”.
    Now where is that “Goodle thingy”

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