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EP LAUNCH . The Karma Soundcheck Part 1.

Glasgow home town indie band the Imagineers could not have  chosen a better venue than Stereo to Launch their newest EP The Karma Soundcheck Part 1.

A venue well liked by all music followers and one which would suite not only the young bucks and attractive females of the species who flock to Imagineers gigs but older couples who appreciate the quality of the music.

As with most of the Imagineers gigs when playing with support bands you know there is no holding back when it come to the talent they have supporting them,  it’s as if they want to blow your mind with what comes before them and may even have you asking yourself “Can this can get any better”?

Tonight’s support is no different headliners in their own right, to open from Edinburgh The Holy Ghost and from Liverpool The Hummingbirds who were featured here on Dunoon Community Radio after they played at the Beatles Week event in Liverpool during  the summer .

As The Holy Ghost took to the stage you could feel the crowd brace  themselves for an awesome set which is exactly what we got, their publicity says they preach the rock n roll gospel, and that’s how they introduce themselves. They have a sound  as fresh as any of today’s music  with images of the past that send  members of the audience of a certain age spiralling back to the future. Strong vocals from Jack Sandison who during the set demonstrated he is also a good mover, with Jack flowing along on a strong rhythm section augmented by great guitar and keyboard with harmonica they soon had audience dancing and making a lot of noise.

DCRs Luke has mentioned this band several times and has urged folk if the opportunity arises go see this band I would certainly agree with that.

The Liverpool five piece were on their first visit to Scotland and have already been featured  on DCRs TLLLVLBS their twangy guitar skiffle folksound (hope younger readers know about Skiffle) is fast giving them an reputation in their home seaside town and they have  already supported some “names”. Although maybe not as well known to the audience as The Holy Ghost it didn’t take long for this capacity Glasgow Audience to warm to the toe-tapping selection of tunes from their two EPs with Break Your Heart from their most recent and Bankrupt Blues going down very well indeed . Between songs the typical Liverpool humour brought many a smile to the now very crowded Stereo,  you can understand why so many Liverpool bands love Glasgow. The audience really took to The Hummingbirds and showed just how much in the bands final number a cover version of a Dad’s song from way back that had been made famous by another Liverpool band the song was Day Tripper and it was awesome.

So next up the headliners and the audience were gagging for it, Stereo was now rockin’and the capacity crowd was now truly intimate with each other so no pressure here for the “See As I Say”  boys.

From the opening notes of Scott Bonnymans guitar you knew the pace was going to be fast and when Stevie Young sang “Go make my Day” you knew they had nailed it  with  Ali Griegs thumping bass line driving them along the audience screamed their approval. “Off The Radar” a new song which started slowly as the audience got their breath back then exploded into a cracking uptempo with a Stephen Forbes thunderous drumming beat.

The last year I would imagine has been a very strange full on year for the young Imagineers one in which they have had to become accustomed to having their profile lifted to the degree that national newspapers report on their activities and their music played on world wide TV promotion. Here at Stereo tonight on stage were four confident feet firmly on the ground  musicians, playing better than ever.

Albert Einstein was the first tune of the new EP to be played a song with a tale and  a great performance live. So Dramatic and Find Myself from the new EP were next with the entire audience singing along on the backing vocals which at times I think surprised the band and I saw Stevie Young give the warmest of smiles to the audience which showed the bound between the band and their following. Scott Bonnyman excelled with his beautiful guitar playing in crowd pleaser “Spanish Sands” and Stevie Young has never ever sang “Dearest One” with such passion which must of inspired Ali Creig for some of the best bass guitar licks I have ever heard.

The song I had been looking forward to most was Shackles and it did not disappoint if I was to criticise any part of this performance it is that many of tonight’s performances were far superior to the recorded versions available on CD,  Shackles certainly was, this is a band who know how to deliver and their live performance is truly awesome.                                                                                                            As the Imagineers disappeared on a stage suddenly filled with smoke they launched into their signature  tune Imagineer which once again brought cheers of approval from the audience, Mariana with it’s latin beats and powerful chorus could have brought the show to it’s end but that was left to The Changeover where the audience took a deep breath for the final singalong before giving the band a massive send off.

The band are now well into this tour to promote the new “Karma Soundcheck Part One EP. With gigs in London, Liverpool , Dundee, Edinburgh and on the 7th December Sunny Dunoon yes folks Christmas comes early to Dunoon.

You shall also be able to hear tunes from the Imagineers in the run up to their appearance in Dunoon from 3rd December daily on TLLLVLBS


After what seemed like a long long time the Gates had opened at 5.00pm, Wet Wet Wet frontman Marti Pellow a sparkling saltire mike in hand and his famous smile nodded to the capacity crowd and sang Don’t Want To Forgive Me Now.

As soon as the band hit the first chord and he began to sing any moans about queuing for an hour for a drink at the overburdened bars, or why it was taking so long for the Wet’s to appear, what were all the stage hands doing? checking every single lead on stage, there were thousands of them and what happens if they start late and the curfew kicks in and the Band are silenced- “hush your face this is Glasgow, if that did happen it would be Hot Wired in seconds, you wouldn’t notice doll”.

The only noise was that of screams of joy as once again The Glasgow Green played host to a very serious Band, Wet Wet Wet.

Not that the sell out 12,000 fans who had arrived early had been left twiddling their thumbs since 5.00pm with two opening acts and the fabulous Raintown as support there was something to attract your attention and get you in the mood for what was about to happen, first up against the giant curtain that draped the stage was Ally McErlaine from Texas,  recognised by many of the Glasgow consignee as he appeared on stage with his two fellow band members for this musical project Shelly Poole ex Alisha’s Attic, and Charity Hair ex The Alice Band  together they call themselves  Red Sky July who sang tunes from their self named debut album which recently went to number 2 on amazons movers and shakers and number 3 in the country charts with a number 42 in the amazon rock chart?  The second opening act was Starsailor front man James Walsh who did an entertaining set as Glasgow  Green got impatient.

Raintown, who describe their sound as contemporary country, have been compared to American country act Lady Antebellumlon. Boyfriend and Girlfriend; Claire McArthur and Paul Bain are from the East End of Glasgow and have recently returned from a very successful wee tour of America and very popular on Dunoon Community Radio with air play from Stewart Fenwick, Hillbilly Bob and Victor. They were obviously delighted to be the support for Wet Wet Wet  and with an incredible backing band played all the crowd pleasing tunes from their  album Hope In Troubled Times  which considering who the majority of the crowd where getting impatient to see was very  well received and must of done them a power of good.

As the crowd showed their appreciation for the opening number the Wet’s wasted no time in getting into the R & B mood with belting covers of Ain’t No Stopping Us Now and Too Many People, then taking his jacket off Marti acknowledged the cheers as the wets went into Angel Eyes. “You’re looking gorgeous” he told the audience, “Glasgow your spoiling us” he shouted as he sang Julia, it was now obvious that this was to be a Greatest Hits set and that was OK with everyone!

25 Years in the music industry and at least another ten years before in the making for Wet Wet Wet’s Marti Pellow, Graeme Clark, Tom Cunningham, Neil Mitchell and Graeme Duffin and tonight all that showed. “It’s even better than last time and it’s even better when it’s not raining” shouted Marti in between the hits Somewhere Somehow, Wishing I Was Lucky and Sweet Little Mystery which accompanied by pyrotechnics put the band and the audience into top gear where they all stayed.     All the hits in this two dozen song extravagance, “maybe we will do it again” teased Marti as every one sang along with “Love Is All Around” and it certainly was tonight on Glasgow Green.


The Talk is over, since Primal Scream announced a gig in Dunoon, there has been much anticipation of the event. Hanging out at the pub around the corner from the venue, the jukebox is only playing Primal Scream tunes and the accents are not local.

Primal Scream are a top draw act. Wondering if we are to be treated to Screamadelica in it’s entirety and will Debbie Googe of My Bloody Valentine fit in. The clock’s ticking and the pub is thinning out, time to go to the venue.

There are lot’s of people milling about outside, even more people inside.  When are they on? My timing is perfect, something that comes from being a seasoned gig goer.  The heavy sound of Primal Scream fill The Queen’s Hall, with beer in hand and one of The Beat Movement( the others lost ) in tow, we head to the front.  With the opening track 2012 playing, Bobby Gillespie walks on to the stage and puts his foot on the centre monitor and survay’s the crowd, with in seconds he knows what to give Dunoon.

Primal Scream at Queen's Hall June 2012

Looking at the small drum kit with iconic Screamadelica logo on the bass drum and surrounded by a wall of Marshall stack’s. You know your ears are going to bleed afterwards. Gillespie, Duff, Innes and Mooney have been doing this for sometime, this is their  last warm up gig before the festival season begins.

So there 2012 finishes and the thumping  bass line of Swastika Eyes kicks in.  The Scream are up for this, the crowd respond, The Queen’s Hall is packed to the gunnel’s.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The sound system fully tested and ready for launch. Time now for Screamadelica, the mini set. Move’ On Up, the whole place moves on up a gear as Bobby can read the crowd and knows it was a good choice to come to Dunoon, crowd now singing to every word, Bobby now hands the mic to the crowd who take over and become part of the band, straight in to The 13th Floor Elevator’s track Slip Inside This House, what a great version, by now The Queen’s Hall is rocking, Bobby hands the mic to the crowd of frenzied dancer’s who respond on mass with “Trip inside this house”, crowd and drummer going into a mantra.

We are four songs in and it is obvious that Debbie Googe is the right choice to fill Mani’s shoes, having departed for the reformed Stone Roses.


The band are jamming this out with Innes using lot’s of tremolo. Time for a breather from singing, going up another gear Accelerator, this just gets the already frenzied crowd even more worked up.

The view from the front row is just sea of people dancing, by now everyone giving out high fives and having a good time. The band give us sometime and space before the next onslaught, the Stonesy Damaged.

Bobby now halts proceedings and informs us “ Pink Floyd played The Queen’s Hall in 1967”. Either they are going to do Interstellar Overdrive  or Higher Than The Sun, it’s one of the tracks I’ve been waiting for, Higher Than The Sun. Heavy bass drum and the feeling of floating. This is a band at the top of the tree,  we didn’t get the dub version, just teased with it. It was however probably one of the  best live versions I’ve heard.

Time now for another new track Relativity  , which I can’t   remember anything about as it got lost in a gulf of big hitting tunes. Shoot Speed/Kill Light, a musical interlude before a voice proclaims “ Just what is it  that you want to do? We wanna be free, We wanna be free to do what we wanna do and we wanna get loaded, and we wanna have a good time. That’s what we’re gonna do. No way baby let’s go, we’re gonna have a good time, we’re gonna have a party ”.  That’s it, that’s all we need. The roof has now officially come off the building. For a band  that’s been around a long time, they wear well and can still move, this is a real band. So  now we are bouncing to Loaded, people are on shoulders, more high fives. We are having   a party. Bubbly electronic notes tells us it’s time to Come Together. Everyone is stood waiting as the tune builds. Thump! Thump! Thump! This is the moment when band and  crowd unite as one. It’s a monster long version, Bobby hands the mic to the crowd and the crowd sing back “Come together as one”. The crowd go in to acapella mode as the band stops and gets entertained by us, it’s all built up to a crescendo of noise, the band leaves the stage, no, it can’t be over already. One individual starts singing “Come together”,   that’s it, the next five minutes are taken up by the crowd serenading the band to an encore.

This has been some gig. Primal Scream ever professional and know how to work the crowd. The wait for the encore was longer than usual, was this for our benefit or there’s. We all need a rest as it has been like a road trip with Kowalski. The band have come back for the encore. What are they going to do? A blistering version of Country Girl is what they are going to do. The Scream are taking no prisoner’s, next up one of my favourite Scream tunes Jailbird, disco beats infused with MC5 guitar. We are Singing  again “I’m yours, he’s Mine”. That leaves the last track, for a brief moment Bobby turns to Innes and says “Give it to them”, and boy did they. Rocks.  “Get your rocks off, get your rocks off honey” There’s nothing left of the venue  as it’s been blown away by a band that can claim legendary status and are up there with the best. It’s just a free for all going all the way to the back of the hall, a mass of dancing  bodies. Their final parting gift. Feedback, drum machine and strobe lighting that gets so intense you actual think you’re having a fit by the end of it.  Time to decamp back to the pub and sum up what has just happened. Real quality  is what just happened.

2012 (new track)
Swastika Eyes
Movin’ On Up
Slip Inside This House
(13th Floor Elevators cover)
Higher Than The Sun
Relativity (new track)
Shoot Speed/Kill Light
Come Together

Country Girl

Luke’s Anything Goes, But Only If He Likes It


To celebrate the release of their new album – ‘World of Chances’, Skerryvore are having a massive launch night in the O2 ABC Glasgow on Friday 22nd June.
This will be Skerryvore’s biggest show ever and also the first chance to buy the new album – 3 days before it is released in stores and online!!!


Skerryvore have confirmed that they will be visiting Dunoon again this year and have confirmed they shall be playing in the Queen,s Hall on Saturday 15th December 2012

No strangers to Dunoon the boys are looking forward to their pre Christmas Concert and catching up with many of their fans, they say “We are delighted to have finally finished ‘World of Chances’ and can’t wait to perform it to you”.

We shall of course be inviting the band into our new studio to bring us up to date since their last visit and in the meantime  have the June release of the new album “World of Chances” to look forward to and playing it here on Dunoon Community Radio

For more information

Or check out the facebook




DCR’s Rock Trish was amongst the lucky ones who got to see this fantastic Gig. Specially for DCR here  is a full account of the Concert just for you from ROCKTRISH

Broken streetlights

Live connection’ s first ever Scottish Gig at the 02 ABC Glasgow opened with an amazing set from competition winners Broken streetlights a 3 piece band from Glasgow, who did a great job in warming up the crowd with their exciting energetic melodic blend of pop/rock sounds, quickly setting the trend of the night to come.

On the announcemnt of The Asps everyone suddenly rushed down to front of stage with the sound of the Apprentice theme tune ringing through the hall, or as DCR’s Queen of classic’s Angie informed me, Dance of the Knights by Sergei Prokofiev. The whole room was dark aside from one solitary spotlight on drummer Lewis, who immediately energised his drumsticks into producing one of the best drum solo’s I have ever heard, bringing his already perfect skills up to another level, ending with deafening applause then cheers as the rest of the band burst on to stage. Paul immediately launched into some of the bands best known songs with the rich, pure vocal quality he’s renowned for. They are a really tight band that deliver a great performance, with their wide range of musical abilities. The crowd go absolutely wild singing and dancing to their crowd pleasing hits such Vanity Fair, All the wrong Idols, their current single..Keep and Littleman, which I’m delighted to say, Paul dedicated to yours truly.Thanks for that guys..really made my night!. They concluded their set to a roar of applause with the incredible Dark Romance with it’s unique blend of synth and sax . These boys deserve every bit of recognition that they get and have proved themselves to be a band that are going from strengh to strenth, with an amazing year and career ahead.

John Wean

Next was the turn of John Wean to entertain the already hyped-up crowd, with their blend of easy listening,catchy songs and fun lyrics..they soon had everyone eating out of their hands and going absolutely wild with their performance of the incredibly funny Desperate Dan ..a song described as potentially bigger than the Loch Ness monster!!!.Their gigs are very crowd orientated and their existing and new fans clearly loved them. The band themselves were lapping up the atmosphere, it was apparent they were in full blown party-mode and continued to entertain until their rapturous encore of current single New York Doesn’t Love You. These guys are destined for bigger and better things and we will definitely be hearing a lot from them in the future!.

Finally headliners and Winners of the “Clyde 1 In Demand Band Of The Year” Little Eye took to the stage, they really had their work cut out to deliver a performance equal to the previous bands..but they certainly did not disappoint.Frontman Alan Sieczkowski brilliantly commanded the stage with an attitude that matched his amazing vocals and dished out his own unique take on some of the crowd’s favourites tracks. You could feel the love in the hall for these guys and the crowd that started the evening in good form were by now almost euphoric. It’s evident Each of the band members are completly tuned into one another and the sheer energy, enthusiasm and passsion Alan delivers with each song proves that he is completely at home on a stage. They ended their incredible set with my Favourite, Distort the Sky with Alan treating the delighted crowd to some of his stage gymnastics. Little Eye are now being co- managed by Alesha Dixon and her Manager Malcolm Blair and are gaining considerable recognition and following up and down the country.

Little Eye

Four very different bands with four very different musical styles, who collectively entertained their elated fans to potentially headlining performances, which they are all more than capable of, in their own right. Each are top class bands with quality live performances, that are worthy of being named among the best in the Scotish music scene. It was a truly memorable night and I don’t believe anybody left the gig disappointed.



Some would say the High Kirk Hall in Hanover Street was an unlikely venue for an Artist of reputation and “fame” as the talented singer song writer Maggie Reilly.

An Artist who on the Continent can still fill venues a hundred times bigger than the High Kirk Hall and incidentally is about to to embark this very week on another tour abroad..

This concert to raise badly needed funds for Dunoons Trinity Church was partially a labour of love in return for having been allowed to make some recording in the beautiful Church some years ago and the fact that her song writing partner and collaborator for over two decades Stuart Mackillop was born in Dunoon and it was his sister Dinky still resident here who helped arrange the concert.

Together Maggie and Stuart have become one of the most prolific song writing partner ships in the UK their music recorded by many famous Artist and not without the occasional international Chart Hit.

The Concert had been squeezed into a heavy work load as besides concert touring Maggie is very busy working on a new stage Musical “The Winter King” and the latest musical soundtrack for the latest film in the Lilith trilogy.

This Concert was a wonderful opportunity to hear Maggie sing with just the wonderful piano playing of Stuart and the impressive Acoustic Guitar of long time band member Mark Hornby .

Although this may have been a stripped back  “Unplugged” concert there was nothing minimised about the sound quality especially when Maggie took to the stage herself to sing a very moving  “He moved through the fair” which left the packed hall momentarily numbed into silence before appreciated  applause.

Maggie sang songs from the Cado Belle days when her singing bettered many  American imports in the Jazz –Funk –Rock and likened as superior to many an American Soul songstress.

After the breakup of Cado Belle Maggie became one of the most sort after session singers in the business, Stuart in the meantime went off to work with ABBA and then Mike Oldfield,

Legend has it that on hearing Maggie sing Mike Oldfield  hired her immediately for a World Tour that was about to start the following day and as is frequently quoted “the rest is history”.

With songs spanning thirty years including all the hits and audience favourites the Lady never sounded sweeter, this was an impressive concert .

She is just about to embark on a European tour but committed herself to coming back during the summer to do it all again as she explained  “this was guitarist Marks first visit to Dunoon and today was dreek and not representative of a typical Dunoon Day so they would have to bring him back, after all this is Sunny Dunoon!

Maggie has promised to keep us informed of her next concert in Dunoon  and Stuart has also promised to visit the DCR Studio later in the year.

We all look forward to welcoming one of Dunoon’s most talented Musical Son’s and dare we say the coolest and most amusing of “Pop Celebrities” .

P.S. Stuart you are very welcome to bring your “pipes” you do know they are the new Rock n’ Roll


Let’s get the controversy out of the way first, the only near controversial thing said by Liam all night was to ask them that have been sitting on the fence to get off “Cause I think some of you have been sitting on it ,Yeah?”

Liam and the guys were in Top form hammering through the whole of Different Gears with the audience singing along word perfect which pleased Liam no end and seeing the album has only just got released he should be well pleased.

Liam has never been in such good form or voice smiling as the chants of “Liam! Liam!” filled the Barrowlands between the songs.

The band played better than ever with Andy Bell’s solo on The Rocker was awesome, After a brilliant The Beat Goes On Liam apologised that there was only one song as that was all they had but promised to come back next year with more. They then played the epic psychedelic ‘The Morning Son’ with Liam in his t front man pose lapping up the response from the audience.

After leaving the stage with roars of approval they returned for a brilliant rendition of Sons of the Stage.

I would thin k Beady Eye would be well pleased with the  performance tonight,

the audience at the Barrowlands certainly was.

Mod Todd



Calum Iain MacCorquodale & MalcolmJones

/support Manran & Skerryvore Celtic Connections

Opening for two of the most talked about Scottish Celtic bands at the moment was never going to be easy  but for Highlands and islands’ finest, renowned North Uist fiddler and accordionist Calum Iain MacCorquodale and Skye musician  Malcolm Jones this was just another Ceilidh to enjoy and dance.

Within minutes of the opening set of tunes members of the audience were dancing the reels to be joined by more of the ever swelling crowd as they  streamed  into the O2 ABC Glasgow.

Calum and Malcolm accompanied by a very fine Ceilidh drummer kept up the pace proving what very fine accordionist they both are.

Putting down his accordion to pick up his Fiddle Calum asked the audience if they fancied a Strip The Willow, “100×8 sets should do” he announced as he surveyed in a calculating way the now capacity crowd, as Calum put his bow to the fiddle the audience let out a tremendous roar as the sound of his unique old fashioned style playing made you want to jump up and down grab your partner and reel and swirl. And to think, this was just to warm up the crowd, take note all you young pretenders,

MANRAN  A Celtic Band On A Quest                                                               /support Skerryvore  Celtic Connections

Mànran ( tuneful sound or melody) are hoping to be the first band in the 21st century to take a Gaelic songs into the official UK top 40.                             Capercaillie  were the last Gaelic band to achieve chart success in the 20th century with the June 1995 disc Ailein Duinn (Dark Alan) which some say came about on the back of the success of the May 1995 Top 20 chart success for Runrig with An Ubhaol As Airde (The Highest Apple) .

Whatever, a great year for Gaelic with two Gaelic tunes in the charts 1995.

Latha Math” ( Good Day ) was  written by singer guitarist  Norrie MacIver who says  “it describes an idyllic and peaceful day in his native island of Lewis in the Western Isles.”                                                                                                       Norrie’s band mates who like Norrie have been for some years entertaining the  crowds in Scotland and throughout the world in various line-ups are:                        Gary Innes (accordion),   Ewen Henderson (fiddle/ pipes) Calum Stewart (flutes/uilleann pipes) Ross Saunders (bass) and Scott Mackay (drums) Launching the single as part of the Celtic Connections Festival has proved to be very popular with the festival goers and the media attention around the chart quest has put them in the media spotlight.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Victor interviewed the band live for broadcast on Dunoon Community Radio through Celtic Music Radio Celtic Connections Live transmissions prior to the boys featuring on Reporting Scotland and on BBC online reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers in their quest for chart success and to support both the Gaelic language and traditional Scottish music.

In interviews the band have told of their reaction to recent events and their quest for chart success Band member Gary Innes, who as you all know is the captain of Scotland’s shinty squad (In 2010, Gary scored in the last minute to clinch victory for Fort William in the final of shinty’s premier trophy, the Camanachd Cup, to pick up his fifth winners’ medal) .said: “The reaction to Manran has been amazing, we have had so much support from fans and visitors to Celtic Connections with a fantastic reception at the 02 ABC and a great turn out at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and our promotional gig at Glasgow’s Apple Store on Buchanan Street.                             “We need to achieve at least 7500 downloads to make history and break into the Top 40 UK chart and we need all the support from the public to make this happen.

”Mànran maybe the hottest new band on the Scottish music scene and since coming together in June 2010 they have worked hard on their craft  playing at festivals in Europe as well as gigging here in Scotland but to choose to support Skerryvore on the eve of their single launch some may say risky others brave.

Playing to a packed house of mainly Skerryvore fans which must be said were in very high spirits having just enjoyed a fabulous lively Ceilidh set by Calum Iain MacCorquodale and Malcolm Jones Manran gave as good if not better than I think most folk expected,  from the very first tune with its “come on” false here we go starts winding the audience up in anticipation till breaking into a  crescendo of modern Scottish Celtic Sound combining driving accordion, fiddle, Highland pipes, Uillean pipes and melodic flute all kept in time by powerful drums and bass.

Listening to these new kids on the block with their powerful songs in Gaelic and English underpinned by rock steady drums and bass and watching the immediate delight of the audience I couldn’t help but wonder if Malcolm Jones he off Runrig fame, on holiday and with the previous act  was standing in the wings watching and listening and did his thoughts go back to the days when he and the rest of a young Runrig  were creating and sometimes without the delight of the audience the sound and spirit undoubtedly the forerunner to what we were now listening to now the sound of modern Gaelic Scotland.                                                                               The main thing lacking in their set and something only time will bring about was they sounded like a new band, a future excellent band, all the ingredients and the best of ingredients being there, they just need to gig more and a few more familiar tunes for audience participation and just a personal thing, not just for Manran but for all bands I Love singing along to the tunes but looking for lyrics sometimes can be a nightmare. To bring a little showbiz to the set they were joined on stage by legendary accordion player and musician Phil Cunningham who along with Calum Malcolm (Wet Wet Wet, Simple Minds and Runrig) produced the single and to finish in grand style the band were joined on stage by eight Celtic dances.                            I am glad I had this opportunity to catch Manran at this stage of their career and hope it last for a long time but these are six guys who are only too aware of the business they are in and their heads will not be easily turned nor can I see them being seduced by the business and as Gary Innes said of Manran in an interview after the concert “We want to do the best we can to promote the kind of music we all love and to further the Culture we are all part of, most of all we want to enjoy the experience that is Manran and to share it with our families friends and fans. If it all ends tomorrow we want Manran to have been a fabulous experience for everyone”.                                                I for one say Long may it last!

At the time of writing  Manran have  not have got into the UK top 40 (61) but have got number 1 in iTunes singer/songwriter chart, number 6 in the Scottish charts and number 6 in the Radio 1 indie charts.

Latha Math is still available for download  on iTunes, Foot Stompin’,, MOG, Emusic,, Napster, Tesco digital.                                     And you can follow Manran  at and also on Facebook and Twitter



It was only last July that Skerryvore sat in the DCR Corridor prior to their concert at the Dunoon Queens Hall reviewing their latest Album that they had just successfully launched the previous night at the O2 Glasgow.

Now after touring across the world from Chicago to Beijing with it here they are again at the O2 Glasgow for another Celtic Connections appearance by the band.

From the moment the first chord rang out it was apparent that this was what this audience was here to see. As the band weaved through their song catalogue selecting songs and tunes from their earlier first two albums as well as their latest it was noticeable that the audience where very much in tune with their work, more so than last July.

When Alex mentioned that this was the very first song he had been “forced to sing” by the other members of the band, members of  this audience had already screamed out the title as if it was “name this tune” and when mentioning that this next song was the first he had written the audience again  beat him in naming it.

The main difference to previous concerts was the audience reaction to the band from the earlier days when the “wee boys from Tiree” where playing the Ceilidh and ladies of a certain age who should have known better wanted to mother them the audience now consist mainly (still a few Ladies with mothering instincts) of mature Skerryvoreans who know the band, their history and a sign of true fan, knows most of the lyrics which can only be got by repeated listening to the cds.

From their traditional roots the band have developed their sound to embrace the sounds of modern Country Rock and Funk in a way that always compliments their traditional music and songs.

Their outstanding musicianship, their writing and arranging and the voice of singer Alec Dalglish now sit very comfortable across the band and with their gig dates getting larger by the day, this band seven years in and with a faithful following have it all there in front of them                                                    Check out Skerryvore



The Rudiments at The View

??Putting these two bands together on the same bill is truly inspirational

Both headline bands in their own right they are like non identical twins

who seem to have nothing in common but when together you know they

must come from the same DND.

The Rudiments a five piece band with Stuart Smith,-guitar/Vocals,

Nicky Wright –guitar vocals, Ryan Bonnyman -lead guitar, Chris Goodman- bass

and Dave Johnson- Drums

Since the release of their acclaimed debut EP ‘Along the Bottom’. The band have been on a roller coaster of gigs playing anywhere and everywhere taking in their stride such venues as  renowned King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow’s O2 ABC1 and Liverpools infamous Zanzibar along with several summer festivals.

It was obvious from the opening acoustic guitar chords that this Glasgow 5 piece have been very busy and have their craft down to a very fine art.

Stuart Smiths talent screams out for a large stage setting and he plays it like a jack in the box waiting for the lid to be opened so he can jump out all over the stage.

Reminders of vintage 60s back beat, tight harmonies and melodies that make you want to sing along mingle with a sound that is defiantly 2010, driven by a drummer and bass guitar that are joined at the hip with Dave Johnson playing the brushes with more conviction and power that many drummers can’t accomplish with the sticks

The Rudiments hour long gig consisted mainly of self penned tunes that judging by the shouted request from the Dunoon Audience are already firm favorites.

The finishing song a salute to the 60s pop scene was not the song I was hoping for as I had heard, obviously wrong, that the last tune might be a sixties Van Morrison cover and I was looking forward to hearing Stuart Smith get his vocals around some Van the Man.

The finishing tune was the crowd pleasing Johnny Kidd penned Shakin All Over from 1960 the famous guitar opening and solo as played by Joe Moretti on the original was played by Ryan Bonnyman in a style reminiscence of Brian Jones –some –time guitarist with the Rolling Stones which  was the first of two reference to the Rolling Stones that night the second coming by way of The Last Time later to be performed by the Imagineers.

Within minutes of the Rudiments finishing their set the IMAGINEERS took to the stage. For more pictures go to Photos


After their fantastic acoustic set in the DCR studio with band members

Steven Young, lead vocals, Lee Ballard, lead guitar and Alastair Greig bass,  certainly had a lot to prove tonight to confirm that as a live band they certainly can live up to the buzz and hype that surrounds the band at this time.

Joined by the fourth member of the band Stephen Forbes, drums and percussion the band quickly took to the stage after a superb set by the opening act The Rudiments.

One suspects that the very fact the Imagineers allow such a good band as the Rudiments to open for them means they are quietly confident that  they have something more to offer.

Their posture and stage presence oozes with a laid back almost casual   confidence that stops short of being arrogant but states we are the Imagineers, watch this space!

Since the launch of their debut single in September the band have been constantly playing getting as much live experience as they can, as Steven stated in the studio last night “they look to take something away from each live performance”

With the crowd already closing in on the stage in anticipation of what was to come I wondered what the Imagineers would take away from Dunoon.

With the Jangle Latin inspired guitar opening of Mariana filling what little space there was left in the View  the small dance area exploded into a frenzy as the audience took advantage of the danceable beats and sang along with the catchy chorus,

This was the pattern that followed throughout the gig and except for one concession “The Last Time” a Rolling Stones tune the tunes all belong to the band.

The band have certainly worked on their sound; with a hint of sixties and seventies pop with that distinctive West Scotland Twang we tend to be hearing these days from a few of the Glasgow bands overall, a definite 2011 sound.

The different musical influences of the band the Spanish Rhythms (Steven and Alastair) the Bluegrass (Lee Ballard) and Retro give this band a wee edge on other bands struggling to find their own sound and with the distinctive bass playing of Alastair Greig and the Stephen Forbes drums who at times sounds as if he has climbed out of the Snakepit into McLemore Avenue (Motown and Stax ) to finish the sound mix off.

The only downside to the evening was the noticeable movement amongst some of the audience just after half way through the set as people prepared to leave the View to meet a curfew time at another local venue and even those who left it to the very last minute before running away missed what surely will be talked about as one of the finest finishes to a gig for along time.  Ask someone who was there


As one of our favourite Scottish bands here on Dunoon Community Radio it was with great excitement that we looked forward to the second night of the Skerryvore-2010 tour to take place in our own Queens Hall Dunoon.

The tour which started at the ABC Glasgow the night before with the launch of their third and latest Album the self titled Skerryvore  and will see them travel to places as diverse as Shanghai, T in The Park, Sonafest in Ardnamurchan and  Festivals in Belgium, Czech Republic and the USA to finish at the Harder park theatre in Livingston on the 30th November.

Though they don’t appear to have any venues as surprising as the one they named ‘Jailhouse Jigs’ after (They where asked to perform for the lifers in a Northern Irish prison not realising they would be playing in the wing of the prison.)

The band had agreed to talk to DCR about the new album prior to the early evening Sound Check and Alec Dalglish (Guitars and Vocals) and Craig Espie (Fiddle) volunteered to stroll up Argyll Street to the studio for a ‘live on air’ chat with Victor and Bobby B Good.

They told the listeners they were very pleased and looking forward to be playing in Dunoon again since the reception they received last year as a support band at the Cowal Highland Gathering Ceilidh Tent which they Headline this year. Alec spoke warmly of the memories the band have of playing in a local pub during the last Dunoon Mod 2006 and said they have had great support over the years from Dunoon fans.

The evenings concert kicked of with the well known local support band ‘Canned Haggis who delighted the audience with their well known Ceildh Tunes and sophisticated songs.

Skerryvore who had come to party with the Skerryvore Kilts a swirling as worn by Martin and Daniel Gillespie on Bagpipes and Accordion and Barry Caulfield on Bass and started their set with a rock beat tune flowing easily into a stomping Ceildh tune from their first two albums, followed by a more modern pop tune and an introduction to their new album with the Craig Espie and Alec Dalglish penned ‘Good to Go’.

The evening continued in this vein with a mix of traditional type tunes, slow ballads and pieces with a rock or blues influence from the new album many penned by Alec and Craig and a beautiful balled Hold Me Tonight written by Daniel and sung with great conviction by Alec.

In tribute to Runrig, a band which they have been compared to on several occasions a blasting rendition of ‘Rocket to the Moon’ was performed much to the joy of the audience. For me any comparison is more to do with the sound they can produce from their instruments rather than they have a set of brothers from the Isles in the group. They are certainly not just following in Run Rigs footsteps as they have their own distinctive sound.

By the end of the night there where plenty of people dancing around the Queens Hall and after a final encore the band took a well earned standing ovation.

As a added bonus to the evening and a real treat for those of the audience who hadn’t had to dash away, the band to every ones delight reappeared on stage not for another encore but to come down to the audience to chat, sign autographs and to have photographs taken with fans and stayed for  nearly an hour and with “see you at Cowal Games” farewells the band left with just time to catch the ferry .


We were at the A-ha farewell concert at the Armadillo last night. I was definately in the minority there as the audience must have been about 80% girls.
I was there with Vivien my partner, although she threatened to dump me when she saw how kind the last twenty five years have been to Morten, not to mention the rest of the band.                                                                                     Her chidhood crush was instantly re-kindled along with everyone else’s judging by the uproar when he appeared on stage with the obligitory 80s shades, sharp suit and white shoes.
Their set started with The Sun Always Shines on TV and continued through a varied selection of songs old and new including The Living Daylights, Cry Wolf, Foot of The Mountain and Butterfly ending with Take On Me. An up to the minute laser/LED lightshow with huge screens behind the band added to the mood while keeping the 80s roots alive with black and white and colour live images of the band and audience.
A great night and a shame it’s to be their last tour. Morten was quite nostalgic as he waved goodbye and thanked everyone for their support through the years which seem to me to have passed in the blink of an eye since Take on Me in 1985.   ALASTAIR


This local band are playing in the Loft on Friday 16th April or if you fancy a wee trip why not join the bus which is going to their gig at the O2 ABC in Glasgow on the 15th May 2010. For further information check out their website


Chnaging Room

Abbamania came to Dunoon and we where very fortunate to be able to speak to the band in the studio and also catch them for a photo just before they burst onto stage with Voluez Vous before singing one of their favourite songs Chiquitita, The audience where soon swaying and clapping their hands with several pink feather boas and luminous chokers being waved in the air.

Voulez Vous Ring Ring The bands enthusiasim and love of the songs was infectious and it did not take much to have the audience dancing and singing along.

Queens Hall dancing Finale

Local Dunoon Band Devils Rejects are to headline the National Association for Bikers with a Disability ‘By the Trossachs Rally’ on Friday 31st July. The Rally is being held at Ben Ledi Park, Callander featuring Live Bands, Disco, Real Ale Bar, Traditional Rally Bar, Custom Bike and Trike Show. Tickets cost £12 pre-booked or £15 on the gate. Numbers are strictly limited so best to book early. The Devils Reject are an unsigned band which started in Dunoon in 2007 who play rock/metal, you may have heard them at the recent Hillbillies event or in the Twisted Wheel, Glasgow. You can check out their myspace page at NABD where set up in 1991 by six bikers in Stockport and Manchester who would not accept that disabled people could not ride motorcycles, scooters and trikes. They now have 5000+ individual members and have helped over 7000 people with advice and money to enable them to ride. For further information on the Rally and the NADB see


BackBeat Beatles Queen's Hall Feb 2009Backbeat Beatles Queen's Hall Feb 2009 2

1-2-3-4our da dumdum, da da da dumdum da dumdum

“Well she was just seventeen. You know what I mean. And the way she looked was way beyond compare” As the sound of the opening lines of “I Saw Her Standing There” filled the Queens Hall the enthusiastic audience of young and maybe one or a few folk from the day, got to their feet to greet the popular Beatles tribute band back to Dunoon to perform the music of the ” Fab Four”


With such a back catalogue to choose from and only just over two hours to play, it must be difficult to please everyone but the Backbeat Beatles have been doing this for a long time and seemed to know what tunes pleased the audience best.

Of course their musicianship beggars’ belief in producing an authentic sound and it certainly helps with the illusion to see the same instruments, amplifiers and costumes.


The first half represented the Fab Fours output from their Please Please Me album up to and including the Revolver album. With eighteen singles including 11 Number ones and 7 album, so the audience where soon singing along and dancing at the front of the stage.

A little of Beatle- mania could be felt around the Queens Hall which had been set out table style like many of the British and German Clubs of the sixties.


The members of the band keeping in character throughout encouraged request and dedications from the audience and many had songs dedicated to them, to mention but one Dougie Robertson who had been brought along to the proceedings by his daughters Angela, Nicola and Suzanne to celebrate his birthday and was quite happy? to go along with a Beatle like happy birthday sang by all.

Sgt Pepper - Backbeat Beatles

The second half started with the instantly recognizable Sgt. Peppers Uniforms and hits from the psychedelic era again with spot on covers of the tunes through to the more casual Let It Be, again much participation from the audience and no more so than All You Need Is Love which brought the evenings performance to an end but not before the band played out with a blasting rendition of Twist And Shout.

Although the hall was not as full as it should have been those that attended were in good voice, knew and did all the moves and enjoyed themselves.

If I could have had a dedication from the band it would have been to all at the Queens Hall who bring to Dunoon such a wide variety of entertainment – with this years programme of events being one of the best ever long may it last and be supported by the community



Do you have a ticket for a future concert or music event , Drop us a wee comment on our Concert and Musical events page telling us who you are going to see, when and where and we shall do the rest. Knowing the type of music and artist you are supporting will be very useful to us in future programme schedules. Here are a few dates that we have been given.

Connect Music Festival Inveraray Castle – The Oganisers have decided to take a break for 2009 but will be back in 2010 and are hoping to stage some smaller concerts in the meantime .

Cowal Choral Club – ‘Music To Inspire’ Before Christmas I attended a wonderful concert in St Muns Church preformed by our own Cowal Choral Club. it was entitled ‘Music to Inspire’ and it certainly was inspirational. The Choir, accompanied by their Chamber Orchestra and conducted by Mr Russell Cowieson where joined by soloists soprano MsElena Xanthoudakis and Baritone Mr Kevin Greenlaw. It was an absolute delight to be able to hear renowned international singers in Dunoon. The evening was a lovely mix of music from Bachs ‘Cantata 140′ to Vaughan Wiliams ‘Fantasia on Christmas Carols’, topped of by John Rutters ‘Magnificat’. Thank you for a wonderful show and I am really looking forward to your next show ‘The Pajama Game’. Humphry

New Year In Oban
My friends and I decided we would do something different for the New Year and join in one of the many street parties, so off we went to Oban as we had heard many good things from last years inaugural event.
The event is held in the car park of a major supermarket just off the town centre with music, fun fair rides, food and drink. The evening was compeered by the local community radio Oban FM who with usual shenanigans filled in the gaps between acts with old favourites plus a few newer tracks. First up on the stage was the Oban Homecoming Choir which was formed from some of the local Gaelic choirs and a worthy start to the New Years Eve proceedings. Next on stage was “The Works’ a local 80′s band who had reformed especially for the evening, I couldn’t remember them but as they started playing I thought I recognised something familiar, then realised it was The works version of the Kaiser Chiefs “I predict a Riot’. Their set consisted mainly of cover versions, although I must confess we did make a wee detour to the funfair rides around this time.
They where followed by the excellent Skerryvore who I normally see at Ceildhs so it was interesting to hear a more diverse musical talents, as they sang some well know tunes including Dougie MacLeans “Caledonia’ which they have released as a download single on their website. I am not sure their brass section works, however, this may have had something to do with the sound mix which didn’t sound as good as it should have done, but hey! It’s live and these things happen.
“SKERRYVORE “S set took us practically up to the bells which where preceded by the “RUNRIG’ rendition of Loch Lomond, the live recording from the Barrowlands which had the 7,500 crowd singing along enthusiastically with Donny Munro, linking arms and jumping in the air at the finale.
It reminded me of our DCR Roadshow nights but without the 7.500 crowd.
After the countdown to midnight the sky was lit up with a fantastic display of fireworks which were accompanied by the music of the RED HOT CHILLI PIPERS who had taken to the stage with “Auld Lang Syne’ then continued with their now world famous set.
By the time they began to bring their set to an end our feet were frozen and at £15 for a round of 4 shots we decided it was time to wend our way home to a warm fire and our nerdy bottle.
Now what shall we do next year? Will Dunoon have a Street Party?
Ben G




    To celebrate the release of their new album – ‘World of Chances’, Skerryvore are having a massive launch night in the O2 ABC Glasgow on Friday 22nd June.
    This will be Skerryvore’s biggest show ever and also the first chance to buy the new album – 3 days before it is released in stores and online!!!


    Skerryvore have confirmed that they will be visiting Dunoon again this year and have confirmed they shall be playing in the Queen,s Hall on Saturday 15th December 2012
    No strangers to Dunoon the boys are looking forward to their pre Christmas Concert and catching up with many of their fans, they say “We are delighted to have finally finished ‘World of Chances’ and can’t wait to perform it to you”.
    We shall of course be inviting the band into our new studio to bring us up to date since their last visit and in the meantime have the June release of the new album “World of Chances” to look forward to and playing it here on Dunoon Community Radio

  3. MAGGIE REILLY –Lady never sounded Sweeter says:

    MAGGIE REILLY –Lady never sounded Sweeter
    With songs spanning thirty years including all the hits and audience favourites the Lady never sounded sweeter, this was an impressive concert .
    She is just about to embark on a European tour but committed herself to coming back during the summer to do it all again as she explained “this was guitarist Mark Hornby’s first visit to Dunoon and today was dreek and not representative of a typical Dunoon Day so they would have to bring him back, after all this is Sunny Dunoon!
    Maggie has promised to keep us informed of her next concert in Dunoon and Stuart has also promised to visit the DCR Studio later in the year.
    We all look forward to welcoming one of Dunoon’s most talented Musical Son’s and dare we say the coolest and most amusing of “Pop Celebrities” .
    P.S. Stuart you are very welcome to bring your “pipes” you do know they are the new Rock n’ Roll


    Best wishes to Dunoon’s newest “BOY BAND” The Mossy River Band from all at DCR. We Love New Talent! Especially New Local Talent

  5. The Mossy River Band are enjoying a return to the Lorne Bar, Argyll Street on Saturday 3rd December. Join us for an exciting evening of 60′s, 70′s, 80′s and 90′s classic covers with (allegedly) Dunoon’s tallest band!

  6. Hi Folks! Last night Beijing really rocked to the awesome Irish band The Cranberries! Dolores’ voice was really amazing,and the whole band was tight and powerful!!!
    It was the best rock concert I’ve seen this year from an international act!
    The best Chinese rock concert of the year so far goes to the Chinese superstar ‘Wu Bai’. His show was an energy & hit packed performance! Cheers!

  7. neil lea says:

    gigs past and future this year.
    jan-thin lizzy at o2
    feb-hells bells at the ferry
    april-saxon at abc
    may-skinny molly -at the ferry
    july-blackfoot-at the ferry
    july-judas priest at secc
    july-maiden at secc
    sep-y&t at abc
    oct-alice cooper at armadillo on halloween
    nov-alter bridge and black stone cherry at secc
    dec-uriah heep at secc
    don’t know what happened to march, june and august.

  8. neil lea says:

    been to the secc on tuesday and wenesday to see judas priest and iron maiden.2 brilliant concerts especially maiden as airbourne were the support,if you haven’t heard them they are the natural successors to ac/dc and have 2 good albums out moment of the two gigs was when bruce put a saltire round his neck and the entire audience broke into flower of scotland.just heard black spiders on the friday programme.saw them at the o2 in glasgow.good band.first time listening to the show,i’ll be back.

  9. Hi! I’ve been reading your website for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Atascocita Texas!

  10. MANRAN For Top 40 says:

    Great review do you know where they are in the charts as of 28th January I hope to see them at Invevie Mallaig at the Knoydart Festival in April-enjoyed the celtic connections just missed you at the Celtic Music radio studio at the Concert Hall Will you guys be there Sunday for Danny Kyle Final ROD AND BETH

  11. Arleen-Worth Missing Curfew says:

    SPOT on Review I was one of the ones who decided to stay and not leave to meet the local curfew and I am so glad I did what a fantastic band have sorted out the arrangements to see them in Glasgow Tonight at the O2 Arleen


    Check Out Concert and Music Events for review of these fatastic bands visit to Dunoon

  13. jiggy on the nutty boys says:

    The warm act on tonights gig was the fab Paul Heaton who quickly had every one forgetting the freezing snow outside and put everyone in the mood for the Nutty boys who did not disappoint.
    From the appearance of the umbrella carrying Suggs who was led on Stage by a piper playing Scotland the Brave the party started.
    Starting with Embarrassment and ploughing through the hits the Nutty boys didn’t fail to deliver even their attempt to bring us all up to date with some of the newer songs just gave the audience a chance to get their breath back and get prepared for what was to come –just like a Victurre Interval.
    Baggy Trousers ,Our House, Madness, House Of Fun closed what had been a musical vintage performance, then with the sound of Nightboat to Cairo still ringing in our ears out we went into the snow and the cold but very happy.
    Written by Jiggy in payment for having 1 Madness Tune “Driving In My Car” played on DCR and by the way, played by the Nutty Boys in this show for the first time in 10 years


    Hi everyone at DCR I know DJ AndyMac went to see Biffy on the 26th Nov but I missed his Birthday Show so I don’t know what he said about it but I am sure he told everyone what a great gig it was. Friends of mine went to the mid week gig and said IT COULDN’T BE BEATEN. The SECC went manic right from the start with THE CAPTAIN and the only quiet moments that followed was when Simon did a very moving acoustic version of FOLDING STARS and when Simon encouraged every one to sing along with MACHINE it nearly lifted the roof of the SECC .Brilliant night all the anthems plenty of crowd surfing BIFFY are right up there, right at the top of the game – Elaine Gig Review For DCR

  15. DJ Duggy Day says:

    Hello DCR, I heard about the Abbamania show in Dunoon way over here in Beijing, China.

    I heard it was good night out!

    2 big concerts on the horizon here, The Backstreet Boys are in the city on March 17, and Bob Dylan fans are hoping the man reaches China for concerts at the start of April(though it looks increasingly doubtful). Cheers!

  16. "Thank you for the" ABBA says:

    Love the pictures from the Show.Thought it a windup when Victor said at 10.45 pm -45mins after the show finished they were on the website.
    Great Great Show brilliant performers. Brilliant interview from the Abba girls. Hope you will keep playing the Abba songs on the radio
    Fernando’s Chiquitita.


    Fantastic night what a band! Great that you guys at the radio got involved-we have loved your coverage over the last few weeks and loved the interview with the girls -billiant well done Kim -hope you gave them cuddles.
    The Dancing after midnight girls.

  18. DJ Duggy Day says:

    Hi folks, how goes it?
    It’s turned chilly here and snow is forecast, grrrreat the ski season starts soon!!!

    Last night I went to see Michael Jackson’s movie ‘This Is It’ and I enjoyed the show.
    Now I know that, had he lived to perform at the 02 Arena in London, his concerts would have been awesome!

    I saw ‘This Is It’ at one of the awesome IMAX theatres in Beijing, and the atmosphere in the cinema was quite exciting, because at times it felt like you were at a live concert, as the crowd applauded and cheered at the end of each song!

    After the movie ended I asked some folks what they thought of it, and they said that it was exciting and wonderful! That explains why Michael Jackson’s song ‘This Is It’ is currently at the top of the Chinese pop charts.



    I know its not just around the corner but I do know a lot of Dunoon folk travel to Oban to see in the New Year
    - see Ben G’s review on this page.
    This year Former Runrig lead singer Donnie Munro and his six piece band will bring in the New Year at the special Oban Hogmanany Homecoming 2009 Final Fling which surely must put Oban amongst the top new year attractions.


    Just a quick thank you from the DCR roadshow crew to the folk who went along to the first night of THE LOFT RADIO SHOW held upstairs at the newly refurbished Crown Court Café Bar. A full report will be published shortly with some photos. The crew look forward to welcoming everyone every Thursday night when they will be spinning the disc instantly recognisable, mostly oldies but goodies that other radio stations hardly ever play.-Admission Free so come along and say hello—DCR Admin


    Hi JEM, greetings from Taipei!

    I enjoyed reading your Lionel Richie review, I only wish I had been at the SECC too, to see the man.

    On Friday night I saw the Chinese singing star Tiger Huang Xiao Hu kick off her 2009 World Tour at the Taipei International Convenvention Centre, and it was an amazing concert!
    All the best from far,far away


    Hello everybody can’t let that Duggy Day think he is the only one with ‘HOT TICKETS’ around here.
    Glasow’s SECC was packed out to welcome the LEGEND that is LIONEL RICHIE at last nights concert. Dressed all in black expept for white shoes the man just appeared on stage unannounced taking every one by suprise especially all those queuing in the bars. Right from the off starting with ‘Easy’ he was in to his hits telling the audience he was going to sing every song he could remember and for over two hours he did, he even asked us girls to sing along to DIANA ROSS’ lines as he sang ‘Endless Love’ which we all did although they wouldn’t let us join him on the stage to sing it, not for the lack of trying let it be said.
    I saw him the last time he was in Glasgow and he was good then and I can only say and from the standing ovation at the end from over 10,000 he is even better now (hope duggy day enjoys his future concerts –seems to be having a run of bad luck concert wise, far, far away in Beijing.
    JEM-Dunoon Rocks

  23. DJ Duggy Day says:

    Hello again Dunoon Folk! Greetings from China.

    As it turned out my hot wee concert tickets of a few months ago turned stone cold as firstly the much heralded Oasis gig was cancelled.

    Then Sarah Brightmans Symphony Concert live in Beijing turned out to be a huge dissapointment!

    Nevermind, next week I’m flying down to Taiwan to see Chinese superstar Tiger Huang Xiao Hu’s sold-out concerts at the famed TICC.

    I’ve also managed to get my hands on tickets to see probably the biggest Chinese pop concert in Beijing this year so far, its the Chinese Superband Concert which features 4 big stars in its line-up, including my personal favourites: Lo Da Yu and Emil Chou.

    Lots of exciting music festivals are being organised to happen from next month, and will continue thru the summer so the music scene here will soon start hotting up!

  24. DJ Duggy Day says:

    Its major dissapointment all round for rock music fans here in Beijing, as Oasis Live in China 2009 just isn’t going to happen!

    I’ve already got my tickets, so its back to the ticket office for a refund, what a shame!

    Still, there is Sarah Brightman this month, and the Superband Concert next month featuring 4 Chinese superstars.

    Travis are on a world tour right now, it would be great to see them live in Beijing, especially after their massive concert in Seoul Korea just last week!


    Happy Niu Year of the ox, niu being the Chinese word for ox.

    Its great to see all the big gigs that are going to be happening in Scotland in the coming weeks and months.
    I’m in Beijing in China, and here we are expecting a few big stars in town for concerts in the coming months. These include Sarah Brightman on March 22, and Oasis on April 3 to name just two. All the best! DJ Duggy


    No stopping me now after my very fist ever download on Christmas day of the George Michael’s song December Song. Following your link was very easy and I really suprised myself with my achievement. Thanks Victor, I hope I was not the only one who saw your write up and take advantage of this wee Christmas Gift.
    Good luck to everyone at Dunoon Community Radio for the coming year in all your endeavours to bring to Dunoon it’s very own Radio Station.

  27. New Year In Oban-Where To Next Year? says:

    Hi Guys, Good write up from Ben G on the big night at Oban he managed to fill in some of the gaps and explained where all the cash went.
    Why don’t you guys organise a big night for next New Year. Dunoon is ideally situated for such an event and would be massive popular although the supermarket car -park in oban is some size. When do we get to hear the tunes-respect- Gibby & The Corporation


    Hello Vicky, Thanks for getting in touch.
    We here at DCR, like you, dont mind admitting to being fans of GM and his tunes will not be forgotten once we are “ON AIR”.
    A new song was promised by George from the stage of his final night of his “FINAL TWO” concert at Londons Earls Court last August which in reference to the Abu Dhabi concert was totally sold out!
    The latest on his web site is, a song written with his long time friend David Austin and produced by George has been recorded.
    The song is called December Song (I dreamed of Christmas) and is available to download on Christmas Day from his web site Free of all charge!
    For those who dont know is where to go and registar.
    This is the first Christmas song George has recorded since the 1984 Wham! classic LAST CHRISTMAS.
    I know what I shall be making a point of doing on Christmas Day!
    Let us know what you think of the tune-Victor@Admin

  29. George Michael Farewell Concert in Abu Dhabi says:

    As a fan way back to the Wham days I thought it sad to read George was to have his final (farewell)
    concert in Abu Dhabi and then even sadder to read that the organisers of the gig couldn’t sell
    the tickets.
    It was reported that in a bid to avoid a half-empty arena they gave thousands of tickets away free– SO SAD.
    Do any of you radio people know anything about a Christmas release, or is it just a rumour, I have checked out the usual outlets but can’t find any reference. Love the site.
    GM fan Vicky

  30. KYLIE MONOGUE X 2008 TOUR says:

    Here is the latest concert report from our good friend DJ Duggy Day who sends greeting to all DCR supporters from a Chilly BEIJING—
    Last night I saw KYLIE MONOGUE’S fabulous X2008 concert here in BEIJING, and she was AMAZING!
    About 6000 excitedfans were at the concert and most of us were on our feet throughout the show singing along.
    One of the highlights of the show was when Kylie spoke to the audience in Mandarin Chinese telling us that she was so happy to be in China.
    It was the best concert I have seen this year-WOW-DJ Duggy Day


    Hi Victor and the DCR Crew, greetings again fae Beijing.
    The Great George Benson & amp; Al Jarreau brought thier Givin It Up tour to Beijing last week, and what a show it was!
    They came on stage together to do the sets first song, then we were treated to a wonderful hour of classic Al Jarreau music.
    The second hour belonged to Mr George Benson who was in good voice performing a nice selection of his pop and jazz hits, though I especially enjoyed seeing him play that guitar!
    The finale’ brought both stars back on stage together to perform some tracks from thier current Grammy Award winning album.
    It was great to see them here, and a good show too! -DJ. Duggy Day.

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