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Memories of the US Navy Base in Holy Loch

Holy Loch Speakers

This is the first instalment from the recordings that where made at the Hunters Quay Holiday Park as part of the Homecoming Celebrations. Lord George Robertson former MP and Head of Nato tells us of his memories of Dunoon when the Americans arrived.



  1. jon says:

    can anyone give information of a christmas dinner on polaris sub 1961 or 62 which i was present john from

  2. EILEEN says:

    Does anyone know who lived in the flats at fairhaven in kirn when the US navy was in the holy loch?

  3. Some of your listeners may be interested in a short film I made back in around 1995 while I was a video student at James Watt College. It’s called Lazaretto Point and is loosely based on a true story involving a US sailor who turned up for duty at the Holy Loch only to find that the US Navy had closed the base and left Dunoon.

    ‘Lazaretto Point’ stars Greenock comedian ‘Parrot’

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