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This is where to start to find out about the main working of our radio. Of course, like the rest of the Website, it will never tell you everything – as we develop, things will change and we will always be looking to better what we do.

We want a radio service that offers a difference, how different will be decided by our listeners and the skills of our volunteers. Listeners will be expecting to “hear the differenc – that’s what they have told us in our research; listeners want an alternative to what they have now and they want the emphasis on local.

Some programmes will be available in both Gaelic and English.

Listening to what the community says about us will be very important and we will encourage feedback and will act upon it.


  1. Jazza says:

    Love Dunoon community radio.
    Great variety of music

  2. Hello,
    we are “Jet Cadence”, a russian indie band from Chelyabinsk. As the meteorite bursted over our heads, we got showered with debris and also with big ideas of what we all should grasp from that.So we’d like you to listen to our songs, and maybe you’ll be interested in some of them. Here’s our link:
    Thank you for your attention!

  3. Hey guys great show this evening….however, i was just a bit disappointed at the lack of love and respect on the show for the great establishment that is Ingrams Bar, home of premium quality lager, bar staff and just an all-round good time. INGRAMS, THE BEST WEE PUB IN TOON, INGRAMS IS THE BEST, OH YES, THE INGRAMS BAR, IT IS THE BEST.

    Yours sincerely,

  4. Hi there,
    Please forgive me for taking up your time. I am an Independant artist from Dunoon & was just wondering if you would be interested in listening to my material & possibly playing it on air. The songs were mixed by Stephen Scott at the Elba studio in Glasgow & mastered by Eighth Nerve. I have poured my heart & soul into the songs & i do hope this will reflect when you hear it Thanks for your time.
    My material can be found at:

  5. Kyle says:

    excellent show by will jukes, amazing and wont miss it.

  6. kiana says:

    hi this is kiana who was speaking and singing gaelic on the radio thaks for the greap opertunity thanks. madainn bha tha seo kiana a bho a bruidhinn gaelic air a radio tapa leibh airson a dheanamh seo dho tapaleibh

  7. Blake V8 says:

    Hi, heard you by chance the other night. really enjoyed the 80s mix on monday night i think it was, and the 90s rave remixes of 80s tunes last nite! good variety of stuff.
    I’m a big dance music fan, and like DJing, though i’ve not done it for years. keep it up!

  8. Tracy Gillick says:

    Great heavy metal show tonight!! great collection of songs and a chance to hear something a bit different too… looking forward to next Friday to get my next fix

  9. Loud and Proud is Right On says:

    Lot of promise DES this is going to be another winner for the little radio from the corridor

  10. Dave Well done Des says:

    Great First show Well Done Fits like a glove

  11. IT's LOUD, IT's PROUD , IT's On DCR TONIGHT says:

    Hi every one don’t forget to tune in tonight at 10.00pm to catch my first Show- DES

  12. BFPA Repeat says:

    By popular demand and just in case anyone missed Saturdays BFPA we are repeating them again the following Friday, Midnight till 3.00am -Enjoy you party people.

  13. Mary says:

    Love the rockin tunes and sexy voice of the new presenter Jonny Mayhem. Will def tune in next week. Would just love to here some femail rocker artists ie Pink lol

  14. wullie says:

    hi found ur station today great sounds.wullie from gourock .keep it up lads

  15. wullie amato says:

    hi sammy well done mate never knew you done this ,listening to you now, any chance of the beatles, your cousin wullie.

  16. xxtagstaxx says:

    Just wondering about studio time for the youth of Dunoon because really its for the elder generations that live locally instead of bringing the community together as one

  17. Dunoon Babe Carol Anne Turner says:

    A question from a born and bred Dunoon babe. I would like to ask when will DCR go on air, will it be available online and what wavelengths will I be able to find you on? I now live in the South of England!

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