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Getting Involved

If you enjoy any aspect of listening to the radio then you are qualified to join us as a volunteer. Everything we do is on a voluntary basis for the time you can spare. You will not be asked to do anything you cannot do and training is always available.

Everything that happens with Dunoon Community Radio depends upon its volunteers and their input.

Do you have ideas? Share them with us here, or by filling out the comment form below.

Tea or Coffee?

We really want to encourage people to get involved either as an individual or with friends, if you are part of a group or organization. We may ask you to bring your own cup but we have a big tea pot ““ the more the merrier.

There is still plenty to do before Dunoon Community Radio can broadcast. Many of these things have to be done long before broadcasting or recording and if not done there will be very little to broadcast or record.

PROGRAMME ADMINISTRATORS to work with the programme planner to help research, plan, gather information and help organise programmes.

PROGRAMME RECORDERS many organisations and individuals have said they would love to be on the air, we need people to help our engineers to record them. With the aim that they will be trained to do the job themselves. Fully trained engineers also welcome.

EDITORS to help with the editing of recordings and provide supplementary information.

FINANCIAL AND LEGAL ASSISTANCE either to join the committee or just to know you are there if we have a query.


Come and help our popular roadshow at one of the many events we do during the year including the Benmore Raft Race, Swamp Soccer and various fundraisers. We need people to help set up and dismantle, hand out leaflets, answer queries and presenting. If you can’t manage the whole day don’t worry just come along for a couple of hours. Just call or email us before so we know to expect you.

Organising Fund Raising Events

We need FUNDRAISERS to rattle some cans or to help organise larger fundraising events.

SALES PEOPLE to sell advertising on the website and on air.

We could also do with help filling in GRANT APPLICATIONS

On Air

This is where we let you know about what is happening on air and let you listen so you can “Hear the Difference”. You may want to do more than listen and volunteer to be involved in the broadcast of programmes, maybe in front of the mike presenting, or behind the mike producing or on the technical side of things.

Do you think you have a good idea for a radio programme? Share it with us here, or by registering and filling out the comment form below.


If you can’t spare any time but would still love to help, you can sponsor us. It does not need to be a large amount but if you would like to pay a years rent that would be very nice!! It could be a show, a piece of equipment, travel costs or even the tea bags. Or do you have something you think might be useful just let us know.


We are always looking for bits of information for the website, have you got an event coming up, are you doing something spectacular for charity or just want us to let everyone else know about something, then drop us a line. Do you have an original piece of work be it poetry, music or prose and would like the rest of the world to hear it, you never know what might happen!


  1. Dave says:


    In terms of radio station broadcasting, I’ve no experience other than what comes off my own speakers. Nor do I have a particularly grand speaking voice. Those self deprecating aspects aside, I think my taste in music is pretty good.
    I’m also good when it comes to computer/IT jobs.

    For myself, the most appealing aspect of volunteering at a radio station, is learning what goes on, from a techy aspect to the legal aspect of broadcasting.

  2. Hi. I am the lead singer and manager of Idle Creep, and I am posting our first release, Escape From Nowhere (free download), on your wall in the hope you can give it some airplay. As an up and coming band we are looking for all the exposure we can get at the moment and anything you can do to help that will be greatly appreciated. We also hope you, as a listener, enjoy this track.


    Brian Gomersall

  3. Jerry Hill says:

    The Mossy River Band are a recently formed, energetic local covers-band specialising in delivering first class covers of everyone’s favourite hits from the 60′s right through to the more modern tunes of today, with all the classics in between. Robin Miller, Ian MacMillan, David Geddes and Jerry Hill each bring their own musical influences, passions and styles to the Mossy River Band, giving the band one of the most varied set-lists imaginable and creating one of the most exciting acts in Argyll.
    From the Rolling Stones to the Buzzcocks, Status Quo to Steve Miller, Manfred Mann to Steve Harley and Spencer Davies to the Clash. The Mossy River Band will astound you with their amazing sound and passionate enthusiasm for the tunes of yester-year.
    This Friday (25th November) sees the Mossy River Band playing the Masonic Lodge, Argyll Street, Dunoon, with a fund-raising gig, raising money for the East Cowal After School Care Project (ESCAPE) – Only £5 per ticket, available from Gantocks Framing on Hillfoot Street, ESCAPE (Dunoon Primary), Masonic Lodge, Database Direct, Cowal Plumbing and Heating Supplies or at the door on the night.
    Come and join us for an outstanding night of entertainment, with sensible bar prices and enjoy a night of dancing and singing along to your favourite tunes.

  4. Would like to Volunteer says:

    I am interested in working within the radio enviroment and would like to volunteer. I am keen to find out how to go about this.
    David Stuck

  5. DJ Duggy Day says:

    Wishing you a great launch party, and looking forward to hearing you online and on air soon!

    With best wishes to all the DCR Crew!

    PS. Have a great festive season, and a fab 2010!

  6. DJ Duggy Day says:

    Hi to all the DCR Crew! How are things?
    This past month has been very busy with the preparations for New China’s 60th anniversary!

    At the end of August I interviewed Kevin Macdonald and Willie Armstrong of the The Red Hot Chilli Pipers at the Cowal Games, and featured the interview as part of the PRC’s 60th anniv. celebrations on the Hot Pot Show.

    I also recorded some spicy RHCP ID’s for DCR and hope to send them to you soon.

    All the best

  7. DJ Duggy Day says:

    Hi Vic and Douglas, just a wee note to let you know that I really enjoyed meeting you both, and also getting the chance to team up on the DCR Roadshow during the recent Cowal Games in Dunoon.

    The Crowne Cafe Bar was packed every night, with large Q’s outside the front door and right up the road. The atmosphere inside the venue was amazing.


    When Douglas and I are let out to talk to folk about DCR and the type of programmes we intend to broadcast when we are “On Air’ we always come away with lots of ideas for programmes that have been presented to us.
    Also, to help us with research for future planning of DCR we encourage folk to tell us at these meeting about who and what they listen to on the radio.
    A lot of folk have been telling us recently that they have been listenening a little more to BBC Radio Scotland for “talk’ programmes and similarly Radio 4 for the same reason.
    It has been pleasing to note that are observations have been reflected in the findings released recently by the audit body RAJAR, who commented that BBC Radio Scotland has enjoyed a five per cent year-on-year increase in the number of adults it is reaching and Radio 4 had its biggest share ever of listeners in the three months to the end of December 2008.
    The Today programme had an average weekly audience of 6.6 million listeners, up nearly half a million on the previous three months and its largest audience since the final three months of 2001.
    Radio 4 which was named station of the year at last year’s Sony Radio Awards, has undergone a quiet transformation under controller Mark Damazer, with new voices including Kirsty Young on Desert Island Discs, Jane Garvey on Woman’s Hour and Evan Davis on Today.
    BBC Radio 2 also increased its audience in the final three months of last year.
    Radio 2 Terry Wogan remains the country’s most popular breakfast DJ, with an average audience of 7.96 million listeners, up from 7.74 million the previous quarter, and 7.73 million at the end of 2007.
    Localy Both Clyde 1 and Clyde 2 where also reported to have enjoyed strong year-on-year performances.
    When it comes to things radio, we think the radio listeners of Cowal have defiantly got their finger on the pulse!
    Perhaps next time some of these national radio stations need a indicator to how they are doing they could do no worse than to give us a quick phone call and we will confer with the good folk of Cowal.
    Victor and Douglas @DCRAdmin

  9. DJ Duggy Day says:

    Hi there folks! Howzitgoin?

    Last week I went off on a trip to the city of Handan in China’s Hebei Province to attend the Grand Opening Ceremony for the 11th Handan International Taiji Championships.

    Over 2000 people from all over China and abroad competed at the championships, and it was the first time that I had seen this kind of event! What amazed me about the Taiji competition was that there were competitors as young as 10 years old to 80 years old.

    I had a great time there, and I also visited many popular tourist attractions in the area including the amazing Hong Ji Chao bridge which was built over 1,400 years ago during the Sui Dyansty and is still in use. I also visited Cingtao Terrace which is actually a small fortress with a large moat around it. It was built over 2,300 years ago, and now stands in the middle of a beautiful park.

  10. DJ Duggy Day says:

    Hi to all the DCR Crew. Greetings from Beijing on the last day of the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

    Many thanx for the kind words in the Guestbook! And also I’d like to express my thanx to all at the Dunoon Observer for the great wee article, much appreciated!

    All the very best! Duggy

  11. fionag says:

    Thanks for clearing up the teapot, I could remember it being used as a tourist information office, I think at Gourock pier, but unfortunately I had no luck getting any further info. As for Jim Crow suggestions are a coloured minstrel (Jim Crow being the name for a segregation system in the USA), a boy whose father owned a mansion in the area, a shark or a jackdaw. The Observor has an interesting article about it in its archives – 13th Oct 2001 – “Something to Crow about”

  12. Buckingham Palace Garden Party says:

    Talk about getting involved –everyone here at admin sends best wishes to DCR supporters Sandy and Avril Jackson who on Wednesday 9th July shall be participating in taking afternoon tea at a Buckingham Palace Garden Party in the presence of Prince Charles and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall. Now that’s what we call– Getting Involved-

  13. June Potts DCR Supporter Dunoon says:

    Thanks for the information on the big yellow teapot does that mean the mystery is now solved? What a sad ending.What do others feel about finding out where other little popular landmarks have gone or what they represent. I would like to Know what Jim Crow is about, I would be interested to find out so can any one help me? Get your thinking caps on June xx

  14. teapot response says:

    just a response to those wondering about the tea pot, my dad demolished the tourist information booth it had became and its now sitting ina shed in coat bridge in various pieces!

  15. Tom says:

    Hi guys it was good meeting you at the raft race last weekend. In case I was to help out in some way, will the tea maker be fluent in the art of coffee making also or will this require more specialist staffing ?

  16. June Potts-TEA POT MYSTERY says:

    I was wondering does anyone know where the BIG YELLOW TEAPOT has ended up? Can anyone solve this mystery? I remember seeing it when I used to go across the water, think it was near the train station where has it gone? DO YOU KNOW WHERE IT IS?????

  17. Nelly says:

    Your site is very very cool ! I love it Respect !

  18. Fiona from Dunoon says:

    Margaret and the Gourock Tea Pot—Do you mean the big Yellow tea pot from the Garden Festival all those years ago. I remember it sitting on a garage forecourt for a long time then suddenly it was gone–That was a nice tea pot, that was–is it still about ?

  19. margaret says:

    Reference to Teapot remarks from June on the GETTING INVOLVED page, I was just thinking, the biggest teapot I’ve seen was in Gourock what ever happened to that? ha ha

  20. victor says:

    *stop press* Just to let readers of the GETTING INVOLVED PAGE know, DCR will once again be present at the “MIGHTY EACHAIG CHALLENGE”
    (aka the Benmore Raft Race) Sat 28th June 2pm-4.30pm .We shall be very near to the Tea&Cakes at the Uig Hall playing lively music and enjoying the craic, SEE YOU THERE—DCR Victor

  21. June Potts says:

    Sorry to hear about the studio but im sure something will crop up. By now you will probably all know that Victor and I were both plastered No not in the pub in the hospital (who said break a leg) Hopefully we will both be back on our feet soon and Im still up for making the tea and anything else I can do to help Keep up the good work June xxx

  22. Douglas DCR ref Mary Kilmun says:

    What a Cracking day the Benmore Raft Race turned out and all the crew from DCR really enjoyed themselves especially the home made teas and cakes in Uig hall. We were asking folk to tell us of special events from the past and we would play the No1 chart hit of the time as a challenge. I remember a lot of people wanted to know what was No1 on the day they were born and to play the tune but not to announce publicly it was there birth date! Thankyou to the Benmore and Rashfield Community Group for arranging such a good day out for everyone.
    Don`t forget you can advertise all your fortcoming events on are What`s On Page–its free

  23. Latheron says:

    Will be able to assist in tech side if required – please contact by e-mail

  24. June Potts fund raiser PACCT says:

    Hi Guys im now hunting for a huge tea pot I have a feeling were gonna need it Im ready willing and able and I make a great cuppa best wishes June

  25. margaret says:

    will be able to assist in admin and organisational requirements please contact me via email

  26. DCR Tea Maker Vacancy says:

    Hello June Potts –Thank you for your good wishes and your enquiry regarding the posistion
    of tea maker. It is anticipated that due to the
    importance of this posistion and the expected demand at different times the position will be shared by several persons.
    It is with great pleasure that we would like to invite you to join the DCR team as volunteer tea maker and shall contact you very shortly to make final arrangements
    The thirsty DCR team

  27. douglas says:

    hi everyone ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN cant wait to entertain the people of Dunoon its going to be BRILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. DJ Duggy Day says:

    Greetings from Beijing, Ni hao! Thats Mandarin Chinese for hello!

    I don’t know the distance from Dunoon to Beijing, but after a wee bit of online research.

    I found out that from Glasgow Int Airport to Beijing Int Airport is :
    4962 miles thats 7986 kilometres or 4312 Nautical miles, whatever way you calculate it, its still quite a distance isn’t it? Thankfully the radio waves and internet help bring us all the more closer! All the best Duggy

  29. DCR VICTOR says:

    Hi Everyone got a message from Angie P who informs me that in ref to how far DJ Duggy Day is from Dunoon, the distance between Dunoon and Beijing China is 4977.805 miles.
    Thanks Angie but are you sure thats .805 miles and not 4978 miles?
    We can always ask DJ Duggy next time in town

  30. June Potts fund raiser PACCT says:

    Great to hear after all the hard work you guys have put into this that its finally up and running cant wait to hear all the interesting things that are on the agenda ,and if you neeed a tea maker Im free Good Luck xxxjJune

  31. Angela says:

    To Victor and Co…………………Wow! its finally happened… our very own radio station, to be able to listen to local news and events, and hear some decent music at last!!

    Wishing you lots of luck in your venture
    Supporter Angela

  32. DCR VICTOR says:

    Big thankyou to DJ Duggy Day for taking the time
    to contact us from CRI Radio in Beijing –yes everyone BEIJING as in CHINA
    Surely the record for the furthest away Supporter of DCR! (unless you know different)
    Thanks again Duggy from everyone in Dunoon

  33. DJ Vinnie Thoms says:

    Its looking good folks, well worth the wait,the hard work shows.
    Really looking forward to spinning the decks with the best original sixties Legends of R&B and Soul
    Untill then—-Be Nice, Don`t Shout and
    Sit Up Straight. ooh and dont forget
    No Dancing in the Aisles
    Keep the Faith—–VINNIE

  34. Supporter Mairi says:

    Oh my God! cannot believe it Dunoon with its own radio station ,website and studio in Ferry Brae. will be spreading the word, cant wait to HEAR THE DIFFERENCE
    Lots and Lots of Luck
    supportef Mairi

  35. Palie Bruce says:

    Congratulations to everyone at DCR what a job.
    Excellent Site, you guys are so cool.Looking forward to hearing the programmes especially
    Dunoon in the Sixties and look forward to making the wee contribution
    Good Luck and cheers!

  36. DJ Duggy Day says:

    Hi there, Its so nice to see that you’ve now got the DCR website up and running, and looking good too!
    This is just a wee note to wish you all the best with the ‘New Station in Dunoon’ .
    I can only help out from afar I’m afraid as I’m currently working in China, but I would love to get involved in some way! Cheers!

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