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Hello and Welcome to Dunoon Community Radio’s Website

To contact us you can email us or write to us
Dunoon Community Radio
Argyll Business Centre
204 Argyll Street
PA23 7HA


A recent update of events here at DCR reported in our local weekly newspaper the Dunoon Observer has, as on previous updates, brought a flurry of visitors to register on the web site and several phone calls from folk offering good wishes, support and even offers of CDs, tapes along with other items they feel may be of use to us.

An offer from the lovely Mrs K to donate her late Husbands Reel to Reel tape recorders in the hope they would be useful to us was a wonderful gesture of support and typical of the support we have received from the local community
It is very encouraging to receive such support and the fact that people make the effort to contact us to tell us so means a lot and only confirms our view that there is a Place for a Community Radio in Dunoon to help bring things together (It’s just taking us a while to find it).

One such caller finished with the words “Good Things Don’t Come Easy “which made us think, if that’s the case Dunoon Community Radio must surely be a “Good Thing”.



Our latest update included the news that we were hopeful of being “On Air’ in September having still to go through a mandatory two week Ofcom commission test of our transmitting equipment in July.

Without premises at this time and nothing on the horizon we have had to re-think our strategy of how we initially broadcast our programmes to the Dunoon community and have decided one way would be to broadcast direct from our transmitting site. This we admit is not the most ideal way of doing things and there won’t even be room for a kettle but it will allow us to broadcast pre-recorded programmes we have put to CD for regular short daily broadcast.

Our main priority is to get on “air’ and let the Community hear the type of programmes and format they will be able to listen to on Dunoon Community Radio, to encourage local commerce to consider advertising and sponsorship. This revenue will help secure our future.


The pre-recorded programmes to be recorded in temporary set-up studios will be a challenge and will require a lot of organisation and volunteer support, fortunately we do have volunteers in the wings and we have one or two locations suitable for recording sessions but we need more help. We are looking for folk who have some time to spare to help out, it doesn’t have to be technical, a good tea maker is always well appreciated, good organizers would be welcome, and people with ideas for programme material, we already have some ideas on our Programme Info page.

We also give you an idea of the different ways you could help out on our Getting involved page

If you think you can help in any way or know of a space suitable for temporary use for recording then we would love to hear from you. Contact Victor on tel :01369 703 201 or e-mail:

We have also been offered help in the form of pre-recorded programmes which may be suitable for the Cowal audience from the Scottish Community Broadcasting Network of which we are a member and includes radio station such as Glasgow’s Celtic Radio and Sunny Govan.

Who is Dunoon Community Radio?

The Community Radio working group was set up in 2005 to represent the community with a bid to secure the Ofcom broadcasting licence required for public broadcasting and to secure the start up funding. Ofcom define the rules on Community Radio broadcasting and how it should be financed both in start up and future running cost. To comply with these rules, Dunoon Community Radio secured grants from Argyll & the Islands Enterprise HIE and CED funds for 60% of our start up cost ( £2,100) and a cash grant of £ 5000 from the Lottery Awards for All.

A Community radio Broadcasting Licence is granted after the applicants have proven to Ofcom through their application that the proposals made will benefit the target community, broaden the available choice, have relevant objectives for the delivery of social change and are beneficial especially to minority groups within the community who may not be represented by other available radio broadcast .

At the beginning of January 2007, after two years of planning, sounding out the local community and recruiting volunteers, the Dunoon community radio group submitted an application to Ofcom for a Community Radio Broadcasting Licence and was delighted to be informed in July 2007 that their application had been accepted and a licence awarded.

Having satisfied Ofcom on specified “characteristics of service”, Ofcom made special note of Dunoon Radio meeting the required criteria for the needs of the young and older people in the community and to broaden the availability of choice locally particularly in respect to the delivery of its output in the Gaelic language.

Dunoon Community Radio is managed, operated and maintained by people from the community, some participating in the radio activities as individuals, others from groups or associations, local schools etc. We will be dedicated to the promotion of matters of local interest and concern, promoting local activities and events and the promotion of the Gaelic language and culture.

It is hoped that broadcast programmes will encourage listener participation and will cover a wide variety of music, leisure pursuits, local history and culture, language and social issues and that all sections of the community will be able to find something of interest.

During the two years preparation for the radio licence volunteers gained experience in all types of radio activities and we had our first opportunity to broadcast live during the Royal National Mod held in Dunoon October 2006 as part of radio coverage of the prestigious event.

This coverage broadcast on FM in the Dunoon area was also made available to Community Radio Stations throughout Scotland and the internet. Broadcasting from a local primary school, Dunoon Community Radio also had the responsibility of recording competitors of the Mod then editing the recordings ready for broadcast. This was achieved by converting a large classroom into a make-shift recording studio.

Dunoon Community Radio broadcast a live morning programme each day of the Mod and used this opportunity as an introduction to the good folk of Dunoon and to give the listeners an idea of the type of broadcasting they could expect in the future.

Some items to be broadcast were pre-recorded to give radio volunteers experience, some recordings were just speech related such as readings, one to one interviews and group discussions.

Ofcom Report 2011




    Hello Beth, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, we are pleased to tell you that it will not be too long before you should be able to hear the type of music you are talking about, we already have pilot programmes being aired. If you tune in around 6.00pm on a Friday you will hear Sean, Ashleigh and Esther all pupils of Dunoon Grammar School as they prepare to launch new programmes here on Dunoon Community Radio which they will produce.

  2. Beth Wilson says:

    your radio station could do with some charts about the latest music :) <3

  3. DJ Duggy Day says:

    Hi Victor and the DCR Crew, greetings to you all from me here at China Radio International in Beijing, China.

    It’s great to hear that you will start broadcasting in September, its not easy to start new ventures during times of a recession, so you are all to be commended for your continued comittment to making DCR a reality.

    With my best regards, DJ Duggy Day

  4. jim sheridan says:

    great web-site, when your up and running will i be able to listen on my computer?
    jim in Canada.

  5. Niall Marshall says:

    Good work guys! I know how long and hard you have been working on this and it is great to see it come together! :)


    Great to see DCR getting it all together even if you have had to downsize-as the man says small is good and you can only get bigger! I shall be knocking on your door to give support.

  7. Arleen-looking forward to the launch says:

    Excellent news u could be on air by September keep up the good work looking forward to the launch
    Best of luck-Arleen

  8. Dunoon is big enough for Radio says:

    Dunoon should have it’s own radio it’s big enough and it’s great news to hear it will soon be up and running.
    Even though we don’t live in Dunoon anymore we shall look forward to listening to all the latest news on the internet
    Doreen and Jimmy Ellis

  9. sandy and avril. says:

    good news for dunoon we give you support and help to get on the air

  10. Ally says "Small is Beautiful" says:

    small is beautiful! roll on the launch — – Ally


    Does’nt matter if you have to DOWNSIZE it’s fashionable these days, I’ll be listenening most of the time on my wee phone–Good Luck all involved Ally B

  12. Morag MoD Martin says:

    ‘S e deagh naidheachd a th’ ann gu dearbh! Math Theid leibh uile leis a h-uile sian.

    Wonderful news! Good luck with the launch

    Morag ;-)

  13. Suzanne says:

    Great news about a great project. I am looking forward to seeing where the Hillbillies Argyll MCC can help out here as good community projects are one of our main aims. Keep up the good work!


    If we are to “DOWNSIZE” will I only be allowed to play 45s. Roll On September.
    GREGOR -The Vinyl Frontier

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