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Dunoon Community Radio Spreading Across The World

Since going live broadcasting from our wee corridor here in The Penthouse Suite of the Argyll Business Centre visitors to the Website have asked mainly one question “When can we listen to DCR on line?”.

It is with great satisfaction that we are able to announce that with the help of our good friends at The Dunoon Observer and Argyllshire Standard you can now listen in.

The Observer has just launched their new website and has added many features including up to date news, forums, Dunoon Webcam and from 6pm today they will be streaming our live radio broadcasts on our behalf.
To listen in, click below to enter the Home page of the Dunoon Observer then click on the DCR play button.
You will be able to hear us right around the world whenever we are broadcasting, Celtic Music Radio will not be available but just click onto their site if you wish to hear them when we are not on. For details of the when and what is on go the programme schedule.

Listen Live at


  1. Earnest Daft says:

    I’m a big fan of your website and I check it regularly. Keep up the good work!

  2. Archie from Dunoon Observer IT says:

    More steam MacPhail!

    The new server is up and running, I tested it this morning it all looks good to go.
    Hopefully there should be no more bandwidth issues.

    The position of the playhead will move to the left column at some point next week and after that to a pop out player.

    Any suggestions let me know on the Dunoon Observer forum in the On the Air section

  3. angela says:

    Great Radio and now I can listen to you anywhere Angela

  4. big tommy says:

    hello victor and douglas. got you on live here in glasgow enjoying the show thanks from big tommy….

  5. Jan says:

    Hello, I was just wondering if you could play any Abba song and give a shout out to my wee sister Roberta Campbell, her big sister in USA loves her. Jan… Thankyou.

  6. Ross Macfadyen says:

    Julia, thanks for the comment. Love it. Not so sure Mrs Ross loved it though! LOL. We all really appreciate the greta feedback CMR is getting from down your way. Many Thanks!


    Two Radio station for the price of one.
    Celtic Music Radio’s Ross Macfadyen has a dishey voice and a brilliantly presented programme. The Jury is going to be out for a long time for Douglas and Victor’s Late Late Very Late Breakfast Show-Are you guys for real,never heard anything like it before.Victor go easy on Douglas you can tell he is trying.
    Good Luck to each radio station you are a perfect match
    Radio Surfer Team

  8. Christopher says:

    I think I know Benji, Morse and Mindy in Bexhill.
    What a small world. Fancy you listening to the same radio station as me. Now I have found Dunoon Radio have listed it as a favourite will be listening again .
    C. G.

  9. Heather and the Girls says:

    Douglas & Victor Your having a Laugh, please say YES -or is this a serious music programme?We couldn’t stop laughing ,the music and information about the songs-spot on, the banter so funny.

  10. Ann Wilson from Ardentinny Argyll says:

    Great to hear Dunoon Community Radio here in the wonderful village of Ardentinny Argyll.
    Look forward to hearing more good craic from Douglas and Victor, Justin Thyme, Bobby Blues and all the rest we haven’t heard yet.
    Can’t wait for Cuddles with Kim Sunday night. Well done everyone involved.
    Ann Wilson Ardentinny

  11. TIM says:


  12. tuxarc says:

    “We’re going to need a bigger boat!”

    After the barrage the server took last night, we are sorting out more bandwidth and hope to have that online midweek.
    it was wonderful yet very scary to watch the load on the server rocket.

    Just as soon as that is sorted I will post on both sites.


    Sorry we had to remove autoplay from the play head, it was being abused by some peeps opening up several instances of the website in an attempt to get more bandwidth.

  13. London Lassies says:

    Now we understand -Rant and Wreck
    Nice Picture boys on ObserverPage

  14. Spencer H says:

    Well done Dunoon Observer you are to be commended for supporting Dunoon Radio and enabling them to broadcast to people across the world to remind or to introduce them to Dunoon and Argyll

  15. Benji & the rest says:

    Thanks for reading out the dedication for Morse and Mindy in Bexhill -it was quicker, more reliable and cheaper than the mail! Brilliant entertainment by the way-wish I lived near enough to volunteer.

  16. SKIJOHN says:

    Wait was worth it.just to hear those old familiar place names from the distant past -sounds like you guys know what your doing.good luck to all.

  17. Ross Macfadyen says:

    Great news! Gonna listen in soon!

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